Jay Z Baby Daddy Rumors Still Ringing

jay z baby daddy rumors still ringing

jay z baby daddy rumors still ringing

So the cat is out of the proverbial bag. Jay Z a.k.a. Shawn Carter a.k.a “Ya Money Too Short You Can’t Be Talking To Me,” has a 21 year old son, Rymir Satterthwaite, who is also a rapper.

Okay well we don’t know for sure if he’s really the boy’s father but that’s the rumor that is going around right now. The story goes that he is the mogul’s love child from a time back in the day when he used to “smash” Rymir’s mother, Wanda Satterthwaite.

While everyone from just about every outlet seems to be trying to point out the similarities between Jay and Rymir, no one will not know his true paternity until and unless a judge orders one. And that’s the sad this about all of this- the family is taking Jay to court. They want a court to order that he submits to a paternity test because as of right now, he is not having it. And apparently, Rymir’s family is hurting for money. They even opened a Fundly account, which has only reportedly raised $50, for their legal fees.

Now while other sites speculate whether or not all of this is true by putting side by side photos of the two, I want to bring attention to some other pertinent questions, considerations and thoughts about the whole situation.

First of all, the dude looks nothing like Jay Z. I have seen gossip outlets try to draw attention to certain features and using that as a good possibility of Rymir being his child, but that is bull shit. There is no resemblance. Jigga is the kind of guy with strong genes that will show in his offspring. I mean just look at Blue. There is no doubt that that baby is a Carter. Rymir on the other hand, I see no Jay in him. And just because the two have big lips doesn’t mean that they are related.

Secondly, Jay Z doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to just let it all out and leave things up to chance when it comes to having a child. Many other rappers in the game had children before we knew them and after they have become famous. They claim their kids, even if they don’t want to. I don’t think Jay would put himself in a position to have a love child and come on, let’s be real here, if he has one he probably has more.

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Jay Z is a strategically, calculated man. He has been in the rap gang for a minute and I am sure that he has known from the beginning that he would be where he is. He would not jeopardize any of that just to smash some around the way girl.

Next, if Jay did have other child or children, I don’t think he is the kind of man that would deny them. Why should he? He has the money to take care of them and perhaps that is what all of this comes down to. Reports have circulated that the family of Rymir is hard pressed right now for money which serves as a good reason why they have chosen this time to bring everything up. You know how people do.

Finally, what is really interested in all of this, and what everyone is wondering, is how Beyonce is taking it? Bey knows how it feels to be in this situation because her father has stepped out plenty of times on her mother and who knows how many other children he really has. What is more than likely sitting heavy on everyone’s mind is whether or not she is going to leave him. Here on are my thoughts on that in particular.

I don’t believe she will. If Rymir is indeed Jay’s child, she has no room to be upset (only if he didn’t tell her) because it happened light years before they were together. Matter of a fact, I think she was probably like 12 years old. It would be extremely unreasonable and very unfair for her to leave him because of this situation.

Another reason why I don’t believe that she will leave him or end their marriage is because of image, which is also a reason why I believe Jay Z is handling the situation the way that he is. You have to remember that the Carters are very big on image. I mean Jay supposedly told Kanye that Kim Kardashian isn’t good for the brand. When you are a nigga that says loving someone and having a family with them isn’t good from a money stand point, you are way too caught up in image.

The Carters work very hard to keep up the looks of a happy, put together family. Yes the addition of a love child would mess that dream up I get it. But I’d like to believe that Bey and Jay are not that hung up on looks.

Let’s just call all of this for what it more than likely is. Rymir’s momma used to hang with Jay Z, they probably screwed a couple of times; Rymir is a rapper who is trying to make a name for himself and he knows that his mother used to mess with Jay so for the sake of getting himself out there and garnering some kind of attention, he is brining all this up in the hopes of getting nothing but exposure.

I know it is harsh to say and probably sounds messed up, but if the he did look remotely anything like Jay Z, my tune would be a little different. But he doesn’t which leads me to believe this is all about that old mighty dollar.

In all honesty, love children are nothing new in Hollywood. From Diana Ross and Barry Gordy to Mel Brown and Eddie Murphy, people have babies outside of their marital relationships all the time. If Jay is the father, than he just needs to own up to it and Bey just needs to deal with it and what they are doing moving forward.