Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno Diecast Model Review: 2015 Hottest Tech RC Toys

holy stone lamborghini rc hottest tech toys 2015 images

holy stone lamborghini rc hottest tech toys 2015 imagesFrom time to time, we all want to step out of our shells and have some fun – some of us have trouble finding things we like to do. How about RC vehicles, do you like them? Not too long ago, we came across the Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno Diecast Model and liked it so much; we just had to report our findings to our readers.

If you’re into serious cars, and like drifting with remote controlled cars then, at first, glance there is absolutely no reason for you to not be interested in the Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno. It can be picked up cheaply enough online that it’s definitely worth the investment even if you’re a little unsure about it.

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The Design is Breath-taking

The design is what originally caught my mind in the first place. Honestly, it has impeccable design and is instantly recognised for what it is supposed to be, what car model it is representing, which is a positive if you’re passionate about your car types, or you collect them to show rather than to use.

Great for Everyone

Regardless of who you are, if you like cars, you’re going to like this model. It’s suitable for both enthusiasts and collectors, though, both having the power to be run on the floor and the appearance to be perched up on a shelf out of the reach of wandering hands.

The Specifications

It’s a model that you can pull out of the box, and as long as you have some batteries to go, you can start it up and start on your journey.

In the box:

  • The model
  • Transmitter
  • Two batteries

The company supply additional batteries to make sure that you get the most out of this if you decide to take it for a test spin. The batteries are decent and last a good chunk of time – more than enough time for you to get a feel for it and get a reasonable amount of ground time. The transmitter requires three AA batteries, which can be purchased online or in a store easily enough.

The batteries for the car are rechargeable, meaning that you don’t have to purchase a new one every time one dies.

It also features a button the remote that opens and closes the doors in the same style as the real model that the car is based upon. This adds a nice feature to the car and makes it a little more fun and gives it another ‘collector’ feature.

Battery Power

The batteries for the cars actually have a pretty good life on them. One battery can bring you around 20 minutes of drive time – some people have even got more than that out of it. It’s definitely got enough power to see you through picking up the controls for the first time and having a little bit of fun with it before needing to plug it back in.

Holy Stone Lamborghini Veneno Diecast Model review 2015 hottest tech toys images

The Pros

  • Amazing design
  • Multiple batteries
  • Lights

The Cons

  • Very sensitive controls
  • 4-5 hour charge time
  • More suited for a shelf than being driven

 hottest rc tech geek toys 2015 holy stone lamborghini veneno images reviewOverall

The car itself is a spectacular design, compared to a real car that can be appreciated. However, as a drift car, it lacks a few needed specifications, such as clearance between the floor and the components of the model. If you’ve got a flat surface, then it would be absolutely fine to use as a remote control car and should provide a significance amount of fun and enjoyment.

It’s brilliant for people who like to collect, though, thanks to its careful design and truthfulness to the real model, the Lamborghini Veneno.  Check here for the best prices, as these will change throughout the holiday season.