2015 Hottest Tech Geeks Holiday Toys: Haktoys HAK635C 2.4GHz 17″ Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH Helicopter Drone Review

2015 Hottest Tech Geeks Holiday Toys haktoys review 2015 images

2015 Hottest Tech Geeks Holiday Toys haktoys review 2015 imagesHaktoys is an excellent company that stands by every product that it offers and does not sell any product that does not pass its strict quality control. What this means for many concerned parents and tech geeks is that you can really trust Haktoys!

Flying RC helicopters is a fantastic and rewarding hobby. Fun and safe it’s a great way to relax, spend time outdoors and fly with friends or family. There are lots of options available however one of the best is the Haktoys’s HAK635C 2.4GHz Camera 3.5CH Helicopter. It has a sleek 17” body, is 3” wide, weighs 1.15 pounds and its black paint job totals an eye-catching model. It has adjustable three-speed controls with a gyro for maximum stability and smooth hovering.

The 2.4GHz channel transmitter offers a long range and with the built-in HD video camera you can film what your eye sees! The camera has a radius of 360 degrees so filming is spectacular and can be totally adjusted as you fly. In addition, the Haktoys’ HAK635C 2.4GHz Camera 3.5CH Helicopter hovers really well which is great for aerial photography.

It is made from an ultra-light metal alloy which offers a quality construction which is highly resilient for both inside and outside use. Also, it’s a great piece of kit for beginners and experts alike. (So no worries about crash landing!) Its manoeuvrability and agility puts the HAK635c at the top of its class in performance, and it lands softly on all terrains, even snow.

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And the great thing? You don’t have to construct it, just fly it straight from the box!

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  • Electric Powered, 3.5 Channels, Radio-Control (Built in Gyroscope), Adjustable flying speed (Slow-Fast mode), Ultra-Light Alloy Metal Body, Coaxial Rotor with elastic blades and fly bar, single rear rotor.
  • Detailed Paint Job.
  • Bright LED light
  • Optimum charge time: 2 hours, flight time: 7-9 minutes, flight range: Up to 300 feet
  • Video recording and image capturing capability, 2.4GHz frequency for better control, maximum range, and simultaneous flights
  • Controls: forward / backward / up / down / left / right. Proportional controls. Intelligent R/C system. 360 Precise Directional Movement. Smooth hovering. Built-in 3.7V 1100mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (It recharges quickly too!)
  • Withstands up to 5 mph breezes, spare parts available, great for beginners
  • Ready to fly right out of box, indoor/outdoor flight
  • Spare parts available – Crash Kit (4 x Main blades, 4 x Main grip, 1 x Balance bar, 2 x Connect buckles, 1 x Tail blade), Landing skid & Gear and Shaft assembly


Length: 17″ Width: 3″ Height: 7.1″ Weight: 0.50 pounds

Fuel Source – Electric

Package Contents: 1 x HAK635C Helicopter, 1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter, 1 x Micro SD Card, 1 x Micro SD Card Reader, 1 x Instructions Manual, 1 x Wall Charger, 1 x Screwdriver, 2 x Sраrе Mаіn Blаdеѕ, 1 x Spare Tail Blаdе  (Requires 6 x 1.5V AA batteries)

For ages 14+ (Ages 7+ can fly with adult supervision)


These days kids need an activity that fully engages and motivates them while playing outdoors – and to keep them away from a games console or computer!  This is why remote control helicopters are considered one of the most popular gifts you can purchase for your kids. The Haktoys’s HAK635C 2.4GHz Camera 3.5CH Helicopter is an excellent RC helicopter that encourages imaginative and fun play.

One of the greatest benefits of the Haktoys’ HAK635C 2.4GHz Camera 3.5CH Helicopter is that it offers a lot of fun and entertainment to kids and adults alike. Since it has to be controlled using a remote control, they engage the users more than any other toy type. It is so interesting to learn to fly and can engage several people at the same time!


The main issue with the Haktoys’ HAK635C 2.4GHz Camera 3.5CH Helicopter, in fact, any R/C helicopter is that it needs to be used within a safe environment and should be flown seen at all times.

Young children should be supervised at all times, and any local bylaws need to be known and followed.


Haktoys HAK635C 2.4GHz 17″ Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH Helicopter has some fantastic reviews!

One reviewer states:” I bought this product for my son for Christmas (2013), so he would have a toy to play with. He is 40. We never grow up. The first day was spent indoors learning to fly. It took a considerable amount of time to accomplish as we have never flown a helicopter before. We were impressed with its durability during our learning curve.”

Another: “I recently purchased the 2013 HAK635C remote controlled helicopter, and I must say it is a piece of fine engineering. I’ve flown it, crashed it, flown it again, crashed it again, and it’s still moving along. While I have flown previous smaller helicopters before it has been a while as all remote control helicopters require a subtle touch. I am now somewhat proficient now, and the helicopter handles extremely well – I find landing it to even be easier than those I’ve flown. The built-in camera for video/still pictures is also good quality and it’s fun to watch – especially when I fly it into the side of the house.”

Haktoys’s HAK635C 2.4GHz Camera 3.5CH Helicopter offers more than what many people expect from it. An excellent purchase for you or as a gift! Check here for the best prices as they change throughout every holiday season.