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Heroes and Zeros: USA Today Donald Trump coverage vs Wish



It’s another week of interesting and crazy things going on in the world so let’s dive into this week’s Heroes and Zeros which includes USA Today and their Donald Trump editorial along with The winner is a publication that did not hold back on calling out #45’s bullshit. The loser is a retailer who offended one of the largest and lucrative customer demographic in the retailer market.

Hero – USA Today

We are living in perilous times. It’s a saying that the church folk utter when they hear about the atrocities going on in the world. Right now, having Donald J. Trump as president of the United States is an atrocity if there ever were one. That’s why anytime a big name publication has the guts to call him out for his trash, they are a hero in my book. USA Today fits the bill this week!

With all the drama surrounding the Roy Moore situation, there has been talking on all sides. Trump endorsed the Republican Alabama politician, who lost to Democrat Doug Jones, and in the midst of this ‘campaigning” for the man, he said some pretty messed up stuff. USA Today, clearly having had enough, did not hold back after the man many call president once again used his Twitter account to show just how childish he is. Trump posted,

“Lightweight Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a total flunky for Chuck Schumer and someone who would come to my office “begging” for campaign contributions not so long ago (and would do anything for them), is now in the ring fighting against Trump. Very disloyal to Bill & Crooked-USED!”

Robots get the boot from Walmart, Trump conspiracies flounder

The publication unapologetically wrote in an article published December 12, 2017,

“With his latest tweet, clearly implying that a United States senator would trade sexual favors for campaign cash, President Trump has shown he is not fit for office… A president who’d all but call a senator a whore is unfit to clean toilets in Obama’s presidential library or to shine George W. Bush’s shoes… Rock bottom is no impediment for a president who can always find room for a new low.”

Robots get the boot from Walmart, Trump conspiracies flounder

The article, written by the USA Today Editorial Board, criticizes Trump as “uniquely awful” because he went extremely low with his comments about Gillibrand. Of course, one of his minions (Sara Huckabee Sanders) tried to dismiss his social media post, saying he said things in his tweet about Gillibrand that he has said about men as well in the past. That means nothing. That doesn’t take away from the fact that he has no tact, is a danger to the country in his position, and that he has a history of misogynic behaviors toward women.

His antics are nothing new and more publications need to hold Trump accountable for the things he says. I commend them for telling it just like it is. USA Today is a hero.

wish company angers plus size women with model

Zero –

There are some things that companies do where all you can do is laugh. You do not laugh because what they did was funny, but you chuckle because of the obliviousness, and in some cases audacity, of the company’s horrible, horrible actions. This weeks Zero is because they thought it was a good idea to advertise their plus size tights using skinny women stretching the hosiery over their entire bodies to showcase how big they are.

TikTok hopes Donald Trump forgets ban while Apple's new M1 Macbook Pro revolutionizes

To say that this is a misstep is an understatement. The app-based retailer, which sells really cheap items directly from Chinese manufacturers, has been trying to position themselves as a viable option for consumers to get quality products at wholesale prices. But they continue to fall short. Not just because of the way they advertise but because, honestly, their products suck.

The fact that they chose to advertise a plus size item in this way speaks to the fact that there are still a lot of retailers who refuse to use plus-size models to sell plus size clothing. It is a slap in the fact for sure because according to societal standards, smaller is better, even when what a company is selling is for bigger women. A lot of people are saying that’s move is body shaming, but I disagree. It is a blatant admission on their part that they want thick girls’ money but are not willing to properly represent thick girls’ bodies.

Social media steps up to protect democracy

Retailers have come a long way with providing trendy plus size products, but this incident shows that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to change the perception society has about big girls. It is an uphill battle at times, but the strides made in the plus size community are noteworthy and growing.

I’ve ordered something from Wish before. It took weeks to get to me, and the product (eyelashes) was unusable. I threw them away. Thus, it really doesn’t surprise me that they would do something like this. The company is a zero.