Heroes and Zeros: Colleen Dagg vs Taylor Swift

It’s time for another round of Heroes and Zeros. The winner is a woman who checked another woman for her racist ideals. The loser is a singer who still hasn’t learned her lesson.

Hero – Colleen Dagg 

People, we live in some trying times and the way things are, desperate times call for desperate measures. When it comes to calling out racism, those who want a hate-free world have their own ways of making that reality possible. For some folks, it’s sitting behind a computer creating content that calls out racism, adding to the ongoing commentary on the state of American racial affairs. For others, it’s monetarily supporting organizations that work diligently to erase hate. Then there are those who take matters into their hands literally, and put a whooping on racist folks, giving them a taste of some medicine that they didn’t see coming. This week’s hero is a Florida woman named Colleen Dagg who did just that in the face of racism.

If you are not familiar with this story, Dagg, who is white, beat up another white woman who made some racist comments, got in her face and pushed her. The woman, identified as Summer Corrts, was told to shut up by Dagg after she verbally assaulted a black Haitian security guard at the hotel where they were both staying (separately). Dagg sprung into action, which for her meant beating Corrts’ ass. After the incident, she posted on Twitter to explain her actions.

“This is a young country, built on racism. Black people have been disenfranchised for over 250 years. The faster white people accept and validate the truth, the closer we’ll come to a place of peace and understanding. Fighting racism is dependent upon using my white privilege for the right reasons.”

I am not applauding the way Dagg bucked up against racism, what I am thanking her for is not standing by in silence as a black man was verbally attacked by a white woman who saw no issues spewing hate. In the video that has since gone viral, you can hear Corrts telling Dagg that she would shoot her in the f*%$ing face. Too many times racists have felt empowered to threaten others with violence without any recourse for their actions or words. But as the young people who stand against racism say today, “We are not our grandparents’ generation.” In other words, if you come at us we will come at you.

colleen dagg takes on white nationalist threatening her

Dagg’s response as a white ally who saw wrong doing and did something about it is refreshing. She is a hero because she didn’t just walk by and say, “Now that’s just awful.” The young white woman met another white woman’s hate with her own promise of violence. When Corrts shoved her, Dagg responded accordingly.

White allies don’t have to fight to show where they stand in the war on racism, but they do need to give some kind of response that lets the bigots know that their kind is not welcomed round here. Collen Daggs did just that. She’s a hero.

Zero – Taylor Swift

I should have known that this girl was about to make a “comeback” when her “sexual assault” case was in the news two weeks ago. She is this week’s zero because after her extended break from the spotlight, she still hasn’t learned her lesson about taking responsibility for her actions.

I am somewhat ashamed to say that I used to be a Taylor Swift fan. Well, I liked her music for the most part. I spent a considerable amount of time in Tennessee and being that she is from right there in Nashville, her music was on all the time and, hey, I might know the words to a song or two. But since her breakthrough into mainstream music, she has really shown her true colors of which she’s revealed just how much she doesn’t like to say when she’s wrong. Her new song, “Look What You Made Me Do” from my point of view, is her making excuses for the things that she’s done that most black people consider shady. In particular, after she got caught last year in one of the biggest lies of the decade (There’s video in which she is heard approving Kanye West’s lyrics about her in his song Famous) and after laying low for a little over a year, she comes back with a song that, essentially, blames others for what she did. I am so over her and the fake good girl vibes she tries to put into the world. We are all on to you TS. You’re not a nice girl.

For acting like the victim nonstop and then trying to get others to see her in that light too, Taylor Swift is now, and will more than likely forever be, a zero.