Heroes and Zeros: Ariel Winter vs RHOA Phaedra Parks

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This week’s hero is an actress who puts body-shamers in check. The zero is a reality TV star caught up in so many lies that we can’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth.


Hero – Ariel Winter

The young actress continues to flaunt her body on her terms, and I am here for it. For the life of me, I do not understand why people give Ariel Winter so much flak for the way she dresses her body, but she doesn’t let what the haters have to say move her. She is this week’s hero because her clap back to those criticizing her is just what the doctor ordered.

In Hollywood, you have to have tough skin. That is a given. Someone always has something to say. But at some point, you can’t just let things roll off your back and keep it moving. No, you have to stand up for yourself and let folks know. As a young person in the entertainment industry, Winter has dealt with a lot negative talk about her looks. The most recent round of body shaming is a result of an appearance with some of her Modern Family cast members at an event in North Hollywood, CA. She dressed up while her fellow actors did not. For those who had and have something to say about the difference in attire, Winter wrote on Twitter:

“Why do I have to be like everyone else? Why can’t people just let other people feel good about themselves and do what they want? WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT PEOPLE! As long as you feel good about yourself, that’s what matters.”

She does not mince her words and speaks the truth about an age-old societal notion- women are sluts if they dress “slutty.” Who cares that she was “overdressed,” this is Hollywood, is there really such a thing? Aside from that, it’s time that people stop policing what women wear. I mean, if Kim Kardashian-West wears something revealing it is considered to be fashion forward, but when someone who isn’t an attention whore does it, it’s slutty? The double standard is more than troubling.

For standing up for herself and inspiring other women to do the same thing, Ariel Winter is a young hero.

heroes and zeros ariel winter vs rhoa phaedra parks

Zero – Real Housewives of Atlanta Phaedra Parks

If we learned nothing else from the season nine finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, the biggest takeaway in all the drama that went down is don’t lie! Or at least remember the lies that you tell. In the world of reality TV, we know that things aren’t always what they seem, but in the case of Phaedra Parks, the fakeness, fibs and shade has finally caught up with her. She is this week’s zero because, after a whirlwind season, it was found out that she is indeed the truth bender that so many of her castmates accused her of being all these years. And in it he midst of it, she had nothing to say to defend herself.

What can you really respond with when you are caught up in a plethora of damaging lies? Now, I know that they have to create storylines for the sake of drama and to keep the viewers tuned in, but this time around Ms. Parks dug herself into such a deep hole that she won’t be climbing out of it anytime soon. The sad thing about it is that the frick (Porsha Williams) to her frack was caught in the middle of it and looks to be collateral damage. That’s the problem with the whole situation.

rhoa kandi burruss slams phaedra parks over date rape drug lies

Phaedra pretended to be Porsha’s friend this whole time only to use her as a pawn in her plan to get back at Kandi in a way that she knew would hurt her former bestie. That’s diabolical. How do you sacrifice one friendship to get back at one you lost? The thing about all of this too is that Phaedra is a lawyer and yes, we all know the joke that attorneys lie. But the way she was willing to twist things to get her way or exact “revenge” calls her ethics as a defender of the law into question. It also doesn’t look good for her case against her ex-husband Apollo Nida. I have always been of the belief that this woman could not have lived with the father of her children and know not one thing about his business dealings. Her ability to lie about so much at Kandi’s expense and put Porsha as the fall person for it makes it very much possible that she was involved in some form or fashion with Apollo’s fraud. I’m just saying.

In the entertainment world, it’s expected that people will lie to get ahead or to be seen in a certain light, but Phaedra Parks was caught in so many lies this time around that instead of hurting Kandi’s brand, it hurt hers. She is such a zero.

Karma has struck back at the southern belle as TMZ is reporting that Bravo did the right thing and has fired Phaedra Parks for slandering Kandi Burruss with claims of date rape with drugs. Phaedra chose a very easy mark with Porsha Williams, but we actually hope Kandi sues the lawyer as she openly admitted to this on national television. Everything she has done easily shows her trying to do Kandi harm to both her reputation and business.

Kim Zolciak will be returning to Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 replacing Phaedra who went way too far, even for reality television.