Gig Morton talks ‘Supernatural, corn children and dying on screen interview

Gig Morton plays Elijah Peterson in the American Nightmare episode of Supernatural – the son in the “children of the corn” people family, as mentioned by Dean.  Living on a farm with no electricity, he fixes wagons, helps with the horses and ultimately, dies for his sister.

Tell us about your character, Elijah Peterson.

Elijah is a young man belonging to a very religious family with a dark secret. Elijah is honest and scared, ultimately he just wants to do the right thing. He is the younger brother of Magda who is locked up in the basement because of her supernatural powers, which her mother sees as a sign that Magda is the devil. Throughout the episode Elijah struggles with seeing his sister in so much pain, and he eventually realizes he needs to help her, but it leads to his demise.

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How were you cast as Elijah? Had you watched Supernatural before you were cast?

My audition for Supernatural was a lot of fun. The audition material was very short, not even half a page, and I had two lines. I went in the room and did the scene once, which is very common. It wasn’t until I booked the role and got the script that I got to see how much there was to my character and who he really was. It was a cool little journey. I have been auditioning to be on the show since I started acting eleven years ago. It was a pleasant surprise to be cast in this episode; I didn’t expect it at all. This was my first time working on the show, and it was a wonderful experience. I have watched Supernatural before, and it is a show I enjoy.

Do you have any behind-the-scenes or funny stories from filming?

We probably filmed the part of me getting stabbed about twenty times. This was the first time I have ever died on screen. Between takes of the dinner scene we were all trying to come up with bad jokes and puns and we spent a lot of the time laughing.

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What do you most have in common with your character? (IE, what resonated with you the most.)

I feel like I have a lot in common with Elijah because he is always trying to do the right thing, even if he doesn’t know what that really is. I connected well with the aspect that he was just trying to make his parents happy and do what they said to do. I also felt very strongly about his compassion and how much he hated seeing his sister in pain.

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Do you have any current projects that you’d like to share?

Nothing on the go at this moment, but I audition for new projects almost every day.