‘Ghost in the Shell’ teases mind bending action plus featurette

New ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Teaser Features Mind-Bending Action

There are many ways movies can be marketed. Some choose to barrage viewers with trailer after trailer after trailer, while others find more clever ways of going about it. And Paramount’s advertising style for their upcoming live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell definitely falls into the latter. The studio recently released a group of short teasers for Ghost in the Shell, all of which featured very mysterious yet intriguing moments from the film. The lack of immediately getting a full-length trailer didn’t cross most peoples’ minds since all the clips were gorgeous to behold.

Continuing its uncommon marketing, Paramount just released another short teaser in anticipation for their exclusive trailer launch party that happens this weekend in Tokyo (on November 13th, to be exact). It features the type of mind-bending action that fans and newcomers alike are expecting from the film. While it may be a brief look, the footage is still undeniably magnificent.

If you are unfamiliar with Ghost in the Shell, it was originally a manga series that was first published back in 1989. Since its publication, the series has seen widespread acclaim because of its fascinating commentary on technology, politics, economies, and everything in between. Its popularity has also led to multiple cinematic adaptations. The classic 1995 anime movie was the first of many films to be based off of the series, which leads us back into the one-and-only live-action version. Because you can only withstand so much suspense before you crack, check out the film’s new teaser below.

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Paramount’s Ghost in the Shell is set in a dystopian world where the term “cyborg” truly is commonplace in everyday life, especially when it comes to law enforcement. The film stars Scarlett Johansson as a highly skilled cyborg cop, who simply goes by the name of The Major. The story follows The Major and her team who are hunting down a nefarious computer hacker. And what’s endlessly captivating about the Ghost in the Shell series is how it manages to ceaselessly blend very relevant societal issues with compelling characters and action sequences. Not many other properties out there can match its intelligent, scarily realistic concept.

Because there’s a ton of potential with this remake, let’s cross our fingers that Paramount and the film’s production team are aware of the massive responsibility that rests on their shoulders. Fans have already expressed their skepticism with the remake not only because it’s live-action, but also its Hollywood inception and whitewashed casting. And as we draw closer and closer to the film’s March 2017 release date, the fumes from diehard lovers of the series will only continue to worsen.

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Even so, the new teaser trailer makes Ghost in the Shell look like it could be one of next year’s best films. Johansson, putting aside the controversies surrounding her casting, seems to be fully dedicating herself to The Major. The film will hopefully be able to match her skill level by being more than just standard blockbuster fare. If you have an opinion concerning this scandalous remake, let us know in the comments below.

Ghost in the Shell hits U.S. theaters on March 31, 2017.