Gaming Weekly: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta and Uncharted 4

all of duty infinite warefare beta release 2016

Gaming Weekly: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare beta and Uncharted 4 2016 gaming images

Gaming Weekly (9/18-9/25): Infinite Warfare Beta Start Time Revealed, Free Uncharted 4 Multiplayer DLC Releases, More

Big releases like Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, Forza Horizon 3, and NBA 2K17 were accompanied by interesting bits of gaming news this week, and the end result was an appealing seven-day period for gamers.

Let’s recap all the video-game news, developments, and announcements of the last week!

gaming weekly call of duty infinite warefare beta and uncharted 4 2016 images

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Multiplayer Beta Start Time Revealed

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s beta start time has been revealed—although we cannot yet be certain of what game modes players will be able to test out.

PlayStation 4 fans that’ve pre-ordered the title will be able to experience its beta on Friday, October 14, starting at 1 PM EST. This initial beta period will draw to a close at 1 PM EST on Monday, October 17, and the next beta interval will be from Friday, October 21 until October 24, closing and opening at the same time.

The latter beta, from October 21 until October 24, will be available to both Xbox One and PS4 players that have pre-ordered Infinite Warfare. Unfortunately, PC players won’t be able to participate in a beta.

These points are sure to ruffle some feathers, but I’ll be happy to soften the blow (or perhaps even ruffle some more feathers) by reminding you that it’s Call of Duty we’re talking about; for the most part, you know what to expect.

The full Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game will launch on Tuesday, November 4, and will be available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

paper mario color splash released

Paper Mario: Color Splash Releases Early Through Nintendo Store

Paper Mario: Color Splash, set to hit store shelves on Friday, October 7, was available in its entirety on the Nintendo Store this week.

That’s right—a few lucky fans that purchased the game’s digital version beforehand were able to download and play the entire thing two weeks ahead of its scheduled launch. Nintendo has since fixed the error, of course, although they don’t have any plans to block the play of those who were able to download it.

If you were fortunate enough to discover this glitch in time to download the title, more power to you. Sometimes, cases of “being in the right place at the right time” are bestowed upon gamers.

Now, let’s just hope early players are satisfied with the title!

Free Uncharted 4 Bounty Hunters DLC Releases

Uncharted 4 was a remarkable game when it released, based purely upon the content it included at launch, and Naughty Dog doesn’t want to lose the momentum they’ve worked so hard to initiate.

As such, the studio behind the title has put-out a large, entirely free multiplayer DLC package that includes the following:

—A new “Bounty Hunter” game mode

—A “Cinema Replay” feature, which provides players with the ability to craft highlight videos

—Five new weapons

—Five new boosters

—New wearable items

—A port of the Uncharted 2 map “Village”

Especially for the ultra-affordable cost of free, this is awesome news. What’s more is that Naughty Dog’s goal of attracting previous players and keeping current players interested has worked, as I will likely dive into the game’s multiplayer again for the first time in a while, after burning myself out close to launch.

the latest on the nintendo nx console 2016 images tech

Ubisoft Praises the Nintendo NX—Again

Ubisoft’s higher-ups have had nothing but excellent things to say about Nintendo’s upcoming NX (name is, of course, subject to change) console, and that hasn’t changed as we approach its reveal.

Yet again, the massive developer praised the system, calling it innovative and “fantastic”. While it’s true that the vested interest here is to boost their own software sales (a Just Dance entry has been confirmed for the NX), Ubisoft is putting quite a bit on the line by continually speaking highly of the console—many fans admittedly didn’t like the Wii U, and to go all in here is pretty bold. Furthermore, Ubisoft doesn’t really have a whole lot to gain by saying these things; chances are the same fans that were going to purchase Just Dance beforehand will do so upon its release, with no change in sales resulting from the positive console feedback.

Perhaps there is a genuine interest and excitement in Ubisoft’s studios over the NX. Either way, I’ll openly admit that I’m more ready than ever to find out what the system is all about.

final fantasy 15 gameplay

Forty Minutes of Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay Debuts

Final Fantasy 15 will release on November 29 for the Xbox One and PS4, and eager fans can now get a taste of what to expect from the full product through forty minutes of HD gameplay footage.

That’s right—the better part of an hour in gameplay was posted for the title, being captured from the Xbox One version. I don’t play Final Fantasy, so I’m unable to offer any real insight into this gameplay other than it looks great, detailed, and like the time spent developing it was well worth the cost—financially and in terms of effort.

PlayStation Store Flash Sale Boasts Solid Deals

PlayStation gamers were able to purchase an abundance of affordable games through a Flash Sale held this week. Themed “Animation”, the sale slashed prices up to 80%, across 106 different games!

Some of the sale’s highlights (selected by me, rather quickly) include: Grim Fandango Remastered, Catherine, Ni No Kuni, J Stars Victory VS+, and South Park: The Stick of Truth.

While not really news, a reminder of this sale—which isn’t the best Flash offering, but contains a few good offers—should help some gamers out. The sale comes to a close on 9/29, at 8 AM PT.

We’re really closing in on too many high-profile releases to keep track of, and because of this, there’s never been a better time to be a video game fan!

See you next week!