Game of Thrones Season 5 Halftime Report

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Bad news. Season five of Game of Thrones is halfway finished. The good news is the best is probably yet to come in the final few episodes of the year. This show flies by faster than any other on TV. It’s so good, but so hard to watch. Character after hopeful character gets killed or otherwise abused. Best not get too attached to one hero lest you be pissed at the show runners as they torment both your most beloved character and you.

The first half of this year’s installment of GOT has been setting the table for a great deal of action toward the end….hopefully. Here are the first half highlights. It will get better as the season wraps up…or worse depending on how well you prepare yourself for the inevitable shock and dismay we all feel as bad things happen to good people.
game of thrones tommen paper king recap 201510. We all knew Tommen was a paper king. He is just a boy after all. I didn’t see him being downright unwilling to do anything at all though. He won’t even give an order when his queen is directly threatened. Tommen is not long for the throne and has made a huge mistake not protecting his hot wife. He wouldn’t have been king long anyway, but he could have spent many more nights with Margaery had he been just a little assertive.
game of thrones sansa turns down brienne 20159. Sansa refuses Brienne‘s help at the inn while she is still with Littlefinger. Sansa Stark surely regrets that move now that she is in the company of the Boltons because of Petyr’s plans. The plan may work out long term, but marrying Ramsay Bolton may be too much to bear.
tyrion kidnapped by jorah game of thrones 20158. Tyrion has a bad habit of drinking too much. He also seems to get kidnapped a great deal. Jorah got him this time and is taking the dwarf to Daenerys to prove Jorah’s loyalty. The two have a hell of time getting to the Mother of Dragons however.
mancy rayder burned alive on game of thrones with john snow 20157. Stannis, being the serious man he is, decides to burn Mance Rayder alive since the Wildlings’ leader won’t bend the knee. Jon Snow couldn’t convince Mance it was better to bow, so I don’t blame Stannis for this awful act. A man has to know when he has been conquered. Jon did mercifully kill Mance before he suffered too long. Snow continues to do the moral thing….and that usually gets you whacked in this universe.
arya stark arrives at braavos game of thrones 20156. Arya arrives in Braavos and an epic entry into the city it was indeed. The scenery was truly awesome. They are dragging out her assassin training a bit though, and it’s not as entertaining as her adventures with the “Hound”.
cersei makes deal with sparrows game of thrones 20155. Cersei is embarrassed by Margaery, who is very cocky with her new role as queen. Tommen’s mom uses the nuclear option as she empowers the Sparrows cult to use force to punish sinners. This results in Margaery’s brother Loras being jailed for homosexuality. Cersei has released a force that won’t be controlled by her for long and could backfire badly as the Sparrows gain more and more power.
game of thrones jorah infected with greyscale 20154. Jorah is infected with greyscale when he and Tyrion are attacked by the stone men as they sail toward Meereen. He conceals this from Tyrion and none of us viewers know how long he has before he turns into a stone man himself. He best get a doctor referral from Stannis who had his own daughter saved from the affliction.
3. Daenerys tries to be all law and order so she has a former slave executed. He took the law into his own hands instead of letting the justice system take care of a murderous Harpy member. Daenerys is hissed at by the crowd of former slaves and the luster is off the “Breaker of Chains.”
sons of the harpy rising on game of thrones 20152. The Sons of the Harpy pull off a major attack on the Unsullied. The whores of Meereen help set up Dany’s warriors and it’s basically a slaughter. Grey Worm is nearly killed, and Ser Barristan dies after killing a stack of the Harpy crew. The Unsullied should be smarter than get ambushed the way they did and I would rather have seen the old knight remain alive than Grey Worm.
jon snow lord commander of castle black game of thrones 20151. Jon Snow is the new Lord Commander at Castle Black. He is finally getting some credit! Not everyone is happy about it so he has to show the doubters who is in charge. After refusing a direct order from Snow, the bald coward Janus is dragged out to be executed. I feared Jon would back out at the last minute as Janus begged for his worthless life. I underestimated the new leader at the Wall. He chopped the dissenter’s head right off, making it clear his orders were to be followed by the onlookers. “How high,” should be the response to Jon’s orders to jump.