GAME OF THRONES Season 5 Finale Internet Breakers

jon snow stabbed to death game of thrones finale 2015

game of thrones season 5 finale images 2015

It’s finally here. We’re just some hours away from quite potentially the biggest Game of Thrones season finale. The last two episodes have caused a frenzy online and if that’s anything to by, “Mother’s Mercy” could be even more shocking.

To hype it up even more, Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow and Jessica Henwick who plays Nymeria Sand have said this particular episode could break the internet. And so, we take a look at what this potential internet breaker is but be warned for book spoilers.

jon snow stabbed to death game of thrones finale 2015

Jon Snow gets stabbed

If you’re a book reader or even if you’ve been paying close attention to the foreshadowing, episode ten has all the makings of Jon Snow getting stabbed. Actually, let me correct myself – he will get stabbed and there’s even been a leaked picture of it.

So it’s confirmed and this is a very likely internet breaker. After all, majority of show watchers who have no idea what happens in the books will be huge Jon Snow fans and if they see another fan favorite dying, they just might abandon the show.

However, we don’t know how they’ll show him dying. There are so many theories on the internet – does he warg into his direwolf, Ghost just before dying? It’s a possibility and even if there are pictures of his eyes warging on the internet from that above picture, it’s likely to be photoshopped.

Will he die and be resurrected by Melisandre? Another interesting option but one that would require a sacrifice which definitely rules out Shireen. I however, think they should just show him dying and leave it at that just like the books which will build up even more anticipation for season six while at the same time, causing the internet to look like out of whack like the image above. But could there be other internet breakers?

Just this past week, Harington got to check out some possible Jon Snow replacements on Kimmel. Check it out below”

stannis wins battle of winterfell game of thrones 2015Stannis wins the battle of Winterfell

Finally, could the one true King do something of note in his bid to sit on the Iron Throne? Stannis may have lost a lot of fans for his actions in last week’s episode but if you’ve been a fan of the “Mannis” from the start, it’ll still be hard for you to root against him especially when his enemies are these guys in the image below.

Him winning the war wouldn’t exactly be the internet breaker but if it includes the death of a Bolton (or two), that is certainly something that will appease the fans and bring joy especially to those who can’t get enough of the Starks. Another potential internet breaker is if Stannis ended up dying or even getting killed by Brienne who if you remember, is camped outside Winterfell and still wants revenge for the death of Renly.

Arya changes her face and kills Meryn Trant

Since killing Syrio Forel, Arya hadn’t seen one of the names on her list which was Meryn Trant until the last episode. Following him into the Braavosi brothel, it looked like she was going to kill him then and there, however it never happened.

As we all know, faceless men can change their faces so a potential internet breaker could be Arya striking another name off her list and doing so with a different face. Not many will forget Trant following Joffrey’s every order, striking Sansa, killing Syrio and most recently, asking for a young girl for his own pleasure. It would certainly be a welcomed death.

game of thrones lady stonehart image 2015Lady Stoneheart reveal

We all expected it at the end of season four but ended up heartbroken as it never happened. Following the outrage, we were also given the impression that Lady Stoneheart would never happen.

However, could it be happening in this season’s finale? If you notice in the image above from the episode ten preview, you can see a figure standing alone on top of the cliff in an area which most definitely is the North. It can’t be Brienne because she’d be with Podrick. I can’t see it or think of it being anyone else either.

The show writers may have denied the possibility of Lady Stoneheart just to keep us off our toes and surprise us which would definitely be a stroke of genius. If it is in fact her though, we can be rest assured that the internet will be broken.