‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 207 Shiva aka Everyone Goes Crazy

fear the walking dead 702 shiva aka everyone goes crazy 2016 images

fear the walking dead 702 shiva aka everyone goes crazy 2016 images

Fear the Walking Dead Episode 7 Season 2 Shiva Recap

I guess we know who won’t be taking on the alpha role of Rick Grimes in Fear the Walking Dead. Daniel let his mind get away from him and went up in flames, leaving the leader of the pack up for grabs in “Shiva.”

After what I saw on the mid-season finale, I would take Maddie as a solid leader.

Travis is an idiot who brushes off warnings from Alicia about his son being on the verge of murdering her. So he is no leader of men.

Hell, he’s not even part of the group as the show wraps up.

There were repercussions this week for Victor doing a mercy killing on Thomas. Celia was ready to run the entire group off the property. Her feelings for Nick were the only thing that saved them from immediate eviction.

Nick even gets her to agree to let them stay long term as he brings her son Luis home in a state only a black magic mother could love.

fear the walking dead 207 nick with madison

Maddie is terrified for Nick, but he is supremely confident in what he’s able to do in this new world. He has no problem slapping on the zombie camo and heading into dangerous situations.

Whatever detergent he uses to get the blood off those t-shirts is pretty damn powerful.

Victor will not be allowed to stay in the compound, and he spends most of this episode digging a grave.

You might want to bury the dead a little further out than ten feet from your home my man.

Chris’ has hit rock bottom. The punk has held a little kid hostage and then tries to slash his own father when Travis chases him down.

“I’m no good,” he tells his dad.

fear the walking dead zombie kill

He’s right, and Travis should do the right thing by leaving the boy behind. However, he chooses to stay with Chris instead of joining Maddie and the rest of their group at the end of the episode.

fear the walking dead daniel tied up

Daniel has been put on lockdown after slashing one of Celia’s people. He has just about lost all touch with reality. He’s seeing his dead wife, who takes this opportunity to nag him about all the murders he committed in the past.

Let it go lady! Dude is having a mental breakdown.

She tells him his first victim was himself. We get it. Killing others is unhealthy mentally. Killing zombies is only slightly better, and according to Celia, no different than killing a normal person.

Maddie went full gangsta when she lured Celia to the jail cell full of her people. She had no desire to be taught about the undead by Celia. Maddie was intent on removing a threat to her family. Total alpha dog mentality.

Maddie locked Celia up with those creatures she deemed “still alive.” A cold-blooded move for sure. One thing to kill off a dangerous human. Quite another to feed her to a bunch of cannibals.

Celia spoke of what she was willing to do for her “children.” She was actually doing a compassionate thing keeping the Walkers alive. From her perspective anyway.

Maddie killed Celia to protect her own children of course. Her motives were not compassion, but survival.

Who’s the better person? Celia or Maddie.

Doesn’t matter I guess since only one of them is still a person.

The show wrapped with Daniel out of his mind and lighting a gas filled jail cell on fire while standing inside it. Daniel’s role in FWD is over.

He looked to be a strong character that might be in it for the long haul. I would have preferred Chris being removed from the story instead. The producers could have done more with Daniel’s background than with a petulant teenager moping around the Apocalypse trying to find his way.

As the compound went up in flames, Victor tries to get his crew in the truck to head back to the ship. Maddie sees Nick, who tells her the lie Travis wanted her to hear about he and Chris not being found.

Then Nick refuses to go with his mom. He just walks right through the zombie folks like he has no care in the world. The kid is upset about Celia. He’ll need a reason to rejoin his mom and company when FWD returns in August.

Overall this half season was good, not great. I feel like we’ve seen many of these situations before on the original The Walking Dead though. Characters keeping zombies alive like Celia did is nothing fresh.

Mental breaks are nothing new either.

A series should be able to stand on its own even if it’s spun off another. I do enjoy the ocean aspect with this new group, but once they hit land, the situations were all too familiar.

We’ve got another eight episodes coming at the end of summer to see if the showrunners can mix things up a bit more.

What did you all think of season two so far? Would you light it on fire like Daniel, or did you love it like Celia loved Luis the Zombie?