‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 206 Sicut Cervus aka Crazytime for Chris and Celia

'Fear the Walking Dead' 206 Sicut Cervus aka Crazytime for Chris and Celia 2016 images

'Fear the Walking Dead' 206 Sicut Cervus aka Crazytime for Chris and Celia 2016 images

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6 Sicut Cervus Recap

Chris went from pain in the ass this week on “Fear the Walking Dead” to a bonafide threat to the core group. This guy is either gonna cause the death of another main character or get killed by one of them.

I’m all for the latter.

The episode we got this week was strange, even for a show about the undead. It started off with a scene in Mexico at a Catholic church. Things got messy at the end of the service when the parishioners rallied to do battle, but ended up dying as blood dripped from their eyes.

fear the walking dead church massacre

What’s that got to do with the story we’ve seen so far this season? Well, it happened in the town Thomas Abigail is hold up in and where our survivors are headed.

As the yacht made its way to Mexico things got nasty. The bribe to pass through the waterway didn’t go as smoothly as planned.

Luis wound up dead, but not before giving an owl themed medallion to Daniel to take to his mother. Daniel, not one to be sentimental, promptly tossed the evil looking coin into the ocean.

With the Mexican officials dead in the melee, the Abigail made its way to land. Things got uglier as they did battle with the church crowd from the show open. Chris was ready to let Maddie get chomped on by a Walker until Alicia stepped in.

Nick got traumatized after going Axeman on an innocent young zombie girl.

fear the walking dead daniel and celia 2016

The crew does make it to Thomas’ compound where they’re greeted as friends by Luis’ mother, Celia. She’s a strange character and isn’t too broken up about her boy since he was not shot in the head.

This lady is into the dark side of religion apparently.

The compound is an oasis. One problem…no weapons allowed. Sound familiar? It happens on the original WD when Team Grimes finds another colony.

fear the walking dead 206 victor with tomas

Bad news for Victor. His lover Thomas has been bitten. From the looks of him, he’s not long for this world.

Victor makes a gallant gesture by offering to kill himself when Thomas dies. Nice gesture, and if ever there was a time when suicide could be justified, it would be in a universe involving flesh eating former humans.

They do find comfort in the fact that Celia will watch over them once they pass over from this life to the next. The lady is truly a witch of some sort!

fear the walking dead chris threatens

The family issues get worse for Travis and Maddie after Chris threatens Alicia. It’s gonna be hard to move forward with Chris after this. Maddie claims he’s sick in the head. And we all know how the sick are dealt with in this new world.

Feeding dogs to the undead isn’t cool Celia. If this is how she cares for the undead, then Victor and Thomas are in for a rough afterlife.

Nick has been one of the strongest survivors of late. But he hits a wall this week as he tells Celia he’s just tired of all the killing. Axing the young Walker girl was stepping over the line for the guy.

He also has flashbacks of his first exposure to the Walkers back in the abandoned church where he was getting high.

The truth comes out about the deaths of the churchgoers from the opening scene as Daniel sees Celia’s collection of zombies. He calls her out for poisoning them all. She justifies it by saying they were going to kill the Walkers she had pinned up.

Apparently Celia thinks this new form of the afterlife is just an evolution of what has always been. Only now the spirits are staying in the body instead of being invisible among the living.

Victor truly loved Thomas.

Just not enough to go through with offing himself. Life is hard to give up, even in the terrible world these people are facing. Victor did the right thing. His wonderful gesture would have just forced him into eating raw dog meat in a cramped cage with Thomas.

He kept his BF from that hellish existence too by shooting Mr. Abigail in the head.

Good thing for Maddie and Alicia. That gunshot woke them up as Chris grabbed a knife from their bedside. This boy is truly lost. He looked confused as he walked into their room, yet there is no explaining away the fact that he was standing over their bed with a blade in his hand.

Chris could be facing exile as soon as next week. Or if Daniel has anything to say about the inside threat to the group, the boy may get killed in an “accident.”

“Sicut Cervus” let Victor say goodbye to his partner, while the rest of the episode showed us the struggles the others are facing at this point.

They’re knee deep in zombie blood, and a toll is being taken on them all. Even the cold-blooded Daniel is having a tough time holding it together mentally.

Chris has already cracked. Who’s next?