‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 202 We All Fall Down with a spike in our head

fear the walking dead 202 we all fall down with a spike in our head 2016

'Fear the Walking Dead' 202 We All Fall Down with a spike in our head 2016 images

Did anyone else get the feeling those kids were gonna become Walker appetizers in the opening of “Fear The Walking Dead” last night? I thought for a second those must have been some Kardashian offspring, out of touch with the world and playing on the beach as if nothing was wrong.

It turned out those youngins were not celebrity kids, but they were in a gated community of sorts. As zombie men dragged themselves from the sea, they ran into a fence put up by their father, George, whom our group got to meet this week.

fear the walking dead 202 we all fall down images

The reason for the meeting was Strand deciding to try and shake the large ship tracking them by trolling the coastline. A flashing light in George’s house caused the group to check it out while Strand stayed on the boat, with Daniel Salazar keeping a close eye on the captain.

The logbook recovered last week told us that San Diego had been burned by the military. So if the U.S. Government was that quick to blaze up one of the nicest cities in the country, you can imagine it was a no-brainer to drop napalm on dumps like Atlanta, New Orleans, and the entire corrupt state of Rhode Island.

fear the walking dead 202 druggie on boatChris’ emo act is getting a bit old, and Strand better get some sleep or find some meth-making survivors to join his crew.

The meeting with George’s family goes pretty well. Travis even gets to have a beer with the guy but sees that George is a bit of a prepper. Oh and not to mention the paranoid oldest son Seth. This kid is a wacko, but that’s the right mentality in this current shit storm.

Ofelia Salazar should be glad her dad is the man he is instead of taking jabs at him every chance she gets. She says she’s starting to understand this cruel world and sees how he came to be the man he is by surviving in the tough world in which he grew up.

If we’re taking bets on who lives longer, Daniel or Strand, I’m going with the old gangster. He is careful and has survived a bad environment before. Strand had it pretty easy in the real world and may not deal with the struggle very well long term.


Sipping brandy on a yacht isn’t much of a struggle at this point.

It becomes apparent that George isn’t shocked at what’s happened to the world. “It’s just nature correcting course,” he tells Travis. George is a pragmatic man and has made sure his family can take the peaceful way out should death come to their door. His wife isn’t down with that plan, hence the fact she signaled the boat. She wants the young kids to get the hell out of there.

Seth was a real hard worker when it came to chores before SHTF, so he’s a natural at fence maintenance. Murdering trespassing zombies is worse than weed-eating. He even lets Chris get in on the action as they whack Walkers that make their way to the fence along the shore.

fear the walking dead zombie fence

Great therapy for the guy who just lost his mom…I guess?

The plan to elude the ship that was following The Abigail worked so Strand is ready to flee the scene. We also see him talking to someone secretly on the phone. And Daniel finds an assault rifle hidden away. Is Strand part of a black ops unit? A militia full of rich guys? Maybe the right-hand man of a politician who saw all this coming?

When it comes time for George’s wife to let her kids leave with Maddie, George isn’t gonna have it. Ripping a man’s young children was not a good idea, no matter if that’s what the mom wanted. Be kinda hard for George to get weekend visitation once they left the shore.

fear the walking dead 202 zombie girl eating mother

Things really went downhill when one of the kids found the suicide pill stash. Maybe the child never finds them if Nick wasn’t rummaging around for a dope fix. Nonetheless, the poor child is dead…until becoming reanimated and attacking her mom. Bad scene. Real bad scene.

fear the walking dead zombie child

Since our group of survivors has done all the damage they can muster on this little excursion, they head back to the ship with the remaining kid. Despite Strand telling Maddie to “Put it back where you found him,” she stands her ground.

It didn’t matter, though. Older brother Seth arrived on the boat to take back his kid brother, deer rifle in hand. Daniel could have popped a cap on the teenager, but was talked down by Maddie.

fear the walking dead 202 wave goodbye

The family disaster got even worse when Seth had to shoot his zombified mom on the dock as little bro waved goodbye to The Abigail.

All this trouble and none of it was due to Walkers!

George’s family was doing pretty damn good. Kids were gathering sea shells each morning. Seth was keeping up the property. The wife had a helluva pepper garden going on. And there seemed to be plenty of beer on hand.

All that was wrecked once Maddie and company arrived to “help.”

Thanks for coming!

The lesson here is to not let your drug addict son roam around houses you’re welcomed into, apocalypse situation or not. It could lead to poisoning a kid and turning two-fifths of the family into flesh eaters.

Come back next week as we discuss the carnage caused by our survivors at their next port.