Erika Walter talks ‘Supernatural,’ Angel Lily and Misha Collins

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In the Season 13 premiere of Supernatural, we meet Lily, an angel who seems sympathetic to Castiel’s cause. Lily is played by Erika Walter, an actress who has appeared in many Canadian productions – Psych, Heartland, Supergirl, and Arrow, aside from Supernatural.

Looking at your resume, you’ve been in quite the array of shows – from Heartland (my other passion) to Supernatural, Arrow, and Supergirl – and that’s just the TV part. What do you enjoy most about playing such differing roles? 

For me, I really love challenges, and there’s an excitement to getting into a character that is different from who I am and other characters I’ve played that is interesting to me, and hopefully interesting for the audience watching. For Lily, I had an absolute blast working with the stunt co-ordinator, Rob Hayter who was so gracious, and then seeing how the choreographed scene came together. I’ve done stage combat training, and it was rewarding to get a role where I get to play like that!

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In the recent Supernatural episode, you play an angel, Lily, who seems to be a supporter of Castiel. Were you given any background to the character – as in why she supports Castiel – at all? 

No, for the audition there were just the sides for Lily and a short character description, she was an angel on a mission! And in the episode that mission did not go as planned!

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Speaking of Castiel, please tell me there will be outtakes/gag reel moments from that scene with Misha Collins

Haha! Yes, it’s a great set, lots of inside jokes and that scene was no different. Honestly, it was really special to get to work on the show for me, everyone has a great rapport, and it was a lot of fun. As for the outtakes, if that scene makes it to the gag reel, we’ll both have to wait and see!

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I recently had the pleasure of working on All of My Heart: Inn Love, a Hallmark film with a wonderful cast and crew. I really feel it’s exciting to be part of a project with a strong, relatable female lead and a positive message.

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