Edible Arrangments: Bridging that mother-in-law gap

Mother’s Day is that one day every mom gets where she’s meant to be treated like a queen, but there’s one mother that seems to be forgotten on this day.

Yes, I understand that mom’s get the short end of the stick for only being given one special day of the year that acknowledges her (usually where they wind up having to cook that breakfast originally meant for her), but there’s the other mother who can wield much more control for those of you who are married or in relationships. That’s right, the mother-in-law.

Many of you have been through the tough mother-in-law or have done something that really irritated her causing much strife in your own relationship. Whether you are trying to win her approval or just getting her off your back, Edible Arrangements can be the answer to your problem.

While they are the perfect gift for any occasion, they are that one truly special well-thought out gift that can show your mother-in-law you really went that extra mile to make her happy or at least find you less annoying.

From personal experience (I won’t tell you what I did wrong, but Edible Arrangements saved me from many nights of my other half being upset that I’d upset their mother), I can’t recommend the Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet® highly enough. It says I cherish you and am glad to have you in my life while also looking like you went out of your way to find that perfect gift.

Most son or daughter-in-law’s might give them a box of chocolates or flowers; you went further to give fresh fruit cut into those fun shapes and then had them hand dipped into 100% pure chocolate.

Who can resist chocolate covered strawberries? They melt in your mouth the way your mother-in-law’s resistance will to whatever you’ve done wrong or what she thinks you will do wrong.

Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet®

Above is the one that we got, and as you can see, it definitely delivers that ‘wow’ factor.

Here’s what you get in the Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet®:

  • Gourmet Belgian chocolate pop that reads “Happy Mother’s Day”
  • Pineapple’s cut into the shape of daisies
  • Semisweet chocolate dipped strawberries with Swizzle®
  • Fresh cantaloupe wedges, honeydew wedges and grapes on perfect sized sticks that are perfect for nibbling or dipping into whatever you want to further enhance the taste of the fresh fruit.
Mother’s Day Swizzle Bouquet®

This all comes in a beautiful container that she can use forever to remind her that you’re not such a bad person after all.

The great thing with Edible Arrangements is that you can order well in advance, or if you’re like me, right down to the wire. They offer same day delivery, even on Mother’s Day!

For those of you that haven’t come up with a gift yet, you’re in luck as you can save 20% off $65 with this special code BLOG5175. Just use that and get an extra 20% off so you can upgrade to the large or even party size. Trust me, size does matter when you’re trying to win someone over, so go for it!

If you’re competitive with your other siblings and want to upstage them, then this is the perfect thing. While they’re giving her the usual ‘Cool Mother’s Day gifts,’ you’re giving her the one she’ll never forget.

So, while Edible Arrangements makes a Great Mother’s Day gift, it makes the perfect Mother-in-law’s gift that is delivered from the heart to melt hers. What are you waiting for, click here and get your order in for the perfect Edible Arrangements gift that will make you the star of the day?

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