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Edible Arrangements perfect for ‘Bachelor’ Valentine’s Day Or Getting In the Mood

Edible Arrangements perfect for ‘Bachelor’ Valentine’s Day Or Getting In the Mood

Edible Arrangements perfect for ‘Bachelor’ Valentine’s Day Or Getting In the Mood 2017 images

One of the biggest misconceptions people make about women and Valentine’s Day is that we all want jewelry, flowers and a card. Well, not all women want those as we can pick out our own quite fine, thank you.

For me, Valentine’s Day gifts should be more fun and whimsical. Plus, if they are something that you can share with your significant other, that just makes the day perfect. A gift that encourages something you can do together is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

You can do the expected spa thing or go to a nice restaurant, but the type of gift I’m more interested in on this special day can be shared on a more intimate level, even a sexier level.

Yes, I’m talking about those wonderful Edible Arrangements that can bring a smile to anyone’s face, even those that claim to hate Valentine’s Day. Trust me, you open your front door and that sexy little delivery man is holding this delicate arrangement in his strong hands will easily get you in a Valentine’s Day mood. Well, it’ll definitely get you in the mood, that’s for sure.

So you can imagine my excitement when a very sexy delivery man rang my bell the other day with a beautiful handcrafted Valentine’s Day Bouquet loaded with fresh fruit and chocolate. It took a moment for me to stop staring into his liquid blue eyes and perfect smile to realize that it wasn’t a surprise treat from ‘The Bachelor’ sending me the man I keep talking about in those video entries I keep sending them.

sexy delivery man

Better yet, this fine man was bringing me some tasty treats from Edible Arrangements. Yes, I’ve been single for a while now, but it made me realize that this is one gift that I’d never gotten on Valentine’s Day from any man I’ve dated in the past. Funny, it makes me realize I’ve been single on most Valentine’s Days, but the ones I haven’t, the guy seemed to think I expected jewelry and a nice restaurant.

I think shows like “The Bachelor” do make men assume we all want jewelry and crazy expensive gifts, but the feeling I got seeing that Edible Arrangements bouquet made me realize that it truly is the perfect romantic gift as it encourages a wonderful sharing experience with you and your significant other. Think about it. All those strawberries dipped in chocolate on a long white stick to feed to your mate watching them smile after they’ve bitten into that succulent strawberry with dark chocolate. Seeing someone bite into something so luscious and enjoy it just makes you want to dive in for that kiss. That’s true romance and the perfect gift to encourage it.

Strawberries not your thing? Well, also included are these sweet thick pineapple slices shaped into hearts along with a wonderful gourmet chocolate heart guaranteed to get you and your other nibbling down until your lips meet. If you’ve ever kissed someone who’s just eaten chocolate or something sweet, you’ll understand the euphoric feeling you get inhaling that wonderful smell.

sexy couple eating chocolate kiss small version

See what I mean? Jewelry can’t give you that kind of romantic moment. Jewelry might make some women melt, but beautiful eyes, a sexy smile and some delicious succulent chocolate will more than just melt me.

My delivery man didn’t just come once with something either, he was able to go another round after handing me that Valentine’s Day bouquet. He pulled out an Edible Signature Chocolate Box that was designed by chocolatier Jacques Torres. There’s something a little wicked when a sexy man hands you a box of chocolates in a “Love” sleeve.

These premium, melt in your mouth (literally) chocolates, are another fun night with your man sharing all six flavors pushing each other closer to that sugar high where all control is lost.

edible arrangements chocolate box jacques torres

Edible Signature Chocolate Box

Don’t believe me? Try them out for yourself, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. This Edible Arrangement bouquet really encourages sharing, and it feels like they got into every true romantic’s head with what’s included. It’ll give you that “Fifty Shades of Grey” adventure without all the terrible dialogue and unnecessary pain.

edible arrangements bouquet set bachelor party

Edible Arrangements Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Now, for those of us single ladies, this is also the perfect thing for your upcoming “Bachelor” day before Valentine’s Days viewing party. It’s beautiful, and there’s plenty of strawberries, pineapples and grapes to keep your friends happy while watching Nick Viall try again to find that love of his life before he hit hits forty.

I agree with Ricki that the winner is Rachel, but you can bite into a juicy strawberry and wipe that little bit of chocolate off your lips imagining Nick doing that to you in St Thomas.

valentines day berries

Edible Arrangement Valentine’s Day Bouquet

So check out the Edible Arrangements site to get that special gift for your special person or for your “Bachelor” party. They offer same day delivery so for all you procrastinators; they’ve not forgotten about you. Enjoy, and don’t forget to thank me the next morning.

Edible Arrangements sent me their wondeful product, but the article and experience is all mine.

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