Eddie Ramos talks ‘Incorporated’ and his ‘Raging Bull’ moment

eddie ramos talks incorporated and his raging bull moment 2016 images
Photos: Jeremiah Wilson
Eddie Ramos talks 'Incorporated' and his 'Raging Bull' moment 2016 images
Photos: Jeremiah Wilson

Incorporated is one of those new futuristic shows that once you start watching, well, you just can’t stop. Although only the first three episodes have been aired (the fourth airs on Dec. 21), it’s fairly easy to tell that this show is a hit – IMHO, of course. I had a chance to chat with Eddie Ramos, who plays Theo on the show. Eddie has also been a guest star on Teen Wolf and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Our crack team at Movie TV Tech Geeks is already hearing through their grapevine that Incorporated will be getting a Season 2, so Eddie will have a job if he doesn’t get killed off or something tragic like that.

For those who are unfamiliar with Incorporated, what is the show about and how does your character fit in?

Incorporated is a futuristic, espionage thriller, based in the year 2074. The governments have lost control and the companies had to take over. The story is told through the eyes of the lead character, Ben Larson, played by Sean Teale, and Sean Teale is trying to rescue my sister, Elena, from the Green Zone, from her indentured servitude from the Green Zone. That’s how Theo is attached to the story; Theo is holding Ben to his promise of finding his sister back and to get his family back together. Theo decides that he can also help in the Red Zone where he’s from, by becoming a cage fighter and getting his name and his fame out there, potentially getting into the Green Zone; that maybe he can find Elena in the Green Zone himself.

Of the two episodes that have been aired so far, which was your favourite scene, and which was the most difficult to film?

My most favorite scene in the two episodes that have shot so far – actually, my most favorite scene was the first scene you see Theo in, where I get thrown down right in front of Terrence. It was just so much fun to work with Ian Tracey, who’s a child actor star from Canada as well; and he’s just so cool to work alongside and we went right from that scene to the fight scene. So how you see it on screen is how it went that day, which is really cool.

The hardest scene that I had to film was probably the first fight scene. It was the first time I had ever done a 12-hour fight day in my whole career so far; and it was one of the record hottest days of that summer in Toronto so we were working on the hottest day in Toronto on a rooftop at like 6 in the morning. It was pretty excruciating.

Yeah, it can get pretty hot in Toronto and pretty smoggy as well. I’ve been there.

Yeah, and we had to do just so many takes, jumping and fighting … after 12 hours you’re just spent. It came out really, really well.

What was it like working on a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck produced film; did you get to meet them?

It was an absolute thrill to be on a project with those two. They’re just so regarded in our business, and I haven’t actually met them but they put a lot of input as executive producers into the pilot, into the casting, and I think it just gives the overall cast and crew such a sense of confidence; so it really sets the standard high for the actors and the crew, to really bring their best A game. Because you really want to make a good impression for these guys. I can’t wait to meet them and I hope that they’re happy with the show.

According to your bio, you’re an “avid reader.” What’s your favorite genre to read?

Lately I’ve really enjoyed reading non-fiction; specifically in the genre of entrepreneurship and business. I love books like that and especially in a business like acting there’s so many things you can incorporate from being a self-promoted entrepreneur, you can incorporate into our business as well as marketing, social media – how to deal with people, and networking – things like that. I’ve gained a lot of insight from those kind of books right now, which is really nice, as my career is hoping to flourish.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories to share?

Yeah, I have two actually. That scene that Sean and I did together in episode one, we rehearsed that scene a couple of times in his hotel room for the pilot. It was the second time he and I had ever met. We would work out in the gym downstairs, and then we would order this steak, poached egg and quinoa meal; and then eat our steak after the workout, watch a movie and then we’d rehearse that scene. We would just like going over and over it in his hotel room, which I think really helped the scene get to where it’s at right now.

Another funny story from behind the scenes was during the audition period, at CBS, I was one of two Spanish-looking men in the audition room so I figured when Sean Teale walked in that he was also going for the role of Theo so the whole time I was just so cold to him in the audition room until later I found out that he was actually going for Ben and we weren’t going for the same part at all. It was very funny to see him the first few times and be like, “God, this guy is taller and better looking than me, I’m screwed!”

So do you want another one?


This one doesn’t have anything to do with me but Dennis Haysbert has a funny story. In a transpo car driving to set and they had a little fender bender with a motorist. I think they just bumped the motorist on the side of the road so as the transpo guy went to pull over to help the guy on the moped up from the ground, Dennis, being the good guy that he is also got out of the car to help him. So as people are helping the motorist up, brushing him off, making sure he’s okay, they all see Dennis Haysbert at the same time and drop the motorist to the floor. They were just in awe that the All-State guy was there, that the president of 24 was there. And he went to help the motorist up and was like, “C’mon guys!” It was very funny and was just a really funny story, how they dropped the guy and were so starstruck.

What actors do you look up to? Is there anyone that you’d specifically like to work with?

Some of the actors that I look up to are definitely Leonardo DiCaprio, just the way that he can convey emotions and the roles he’s gotten to play over the years are just so awesome. Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors as well; Jim Carrey is one of my favorite comedians, he’s one of the reasons why I became an actor. Some of the guys doing it right now, the younger guys but a couple of years older than me, I have to say I’m really impressed with what Miles Teller is doing, and Michael B. Jordan, I really like what Nick Holt did in Mad Max. I would love, love to work with – one day, y’know – Scorsese, or Damien Chazelle, the new director – and Leo, of course, that’d be a dream come true.

What’s the funniest thing to happen on set?

The funniest thing to happen on set … in the first episode, it’s kind of funny and embarrassing – we took our job so seriously. It was 2 in the morning, I think, it was the last scene of the pilot when I was pumping myself up by smacking my face a couple of times, over and over again … and as we’re going I’m thinking to myself, “C’mon Eddie, this is your Raging Bull moment, you’re Nightcrawler moment … you’ve really got to go for it.” So the camera’s on me and I’m smacking myself faster and faster and harder and harder … after they finally called cut after like five or six takes, I’m so dizzy and I think I’ve pretty much gave myself a concussion … so when the director’s like, “Okay, that’s a cut for Theo, good job Eddie Robos!” I’m just like (mumbling), “Oh, thank you very much,” like Rocky, screaming out Adrian,  not knowing exactly where I was, like tripping over myself. That had to be the funniest thing, I had to laugh at that. Bleed for the art, but just don’t do it that hard.

Do you have any upcoming projects to share?

There are definitely things in the works right now, nothing that I can reveal yet, we’re definitely trying to get something big soon. I’m just on the ride, like you guys, with Incorporated. I’m just enjoying myself and enjoying the show.

It’s been awesome, I’m quite enjoying it.

Good, I’m so glad you’re a fan, glad you like it. I think you’ll be very happy with how the rest of the season goes.

No word on being picked up for Season 2?

Not yet.