Dylan O’Brien Maze Runner Death Injury & Kylie Kendall Jenner work real people look

dylan obrien maze runner death cure injury 2016 gossip
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dylan obrien maze runner death cure injury 2016 gossip

While being a movie star may not be considered the most dangerous career in the world, star Dylan O’Brien still managed to get pretty severely injured while on the set of his upcoming movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure. On Friday, it was confirmed that Dylan had been taken to a local Vancouver hospital after being involved in an accident while on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Shortly after the incident, a spokesperson for 20th Century Fox explained, “Dylan O’Brien was injured yesterday while filming Maze Runner: The Death Cure while in Vancouver, Canada. He was immediately transferred to a local hospital for observation and treatment. Production on the film will be shut down while he recovers. Our thoughts go out to Dylan for a full and speedy recovery.”

Initially media outlets were claiming that Dylan was in critical condition after a car reportedly hit him during filming. However, Maze Runner author James Dashner took to Twitter to clarify to everyone, especially Dylan’s loyal fandom, that the actor is going to be okay. James stated, “I just want to let everyone know that yes, Dylan was hurt, but that he’s going to be okay. Not life threatening in any way. Product is postponed but certainly not cancelled. All that matters now is that Dylan recovers. We love you, Dylan!!!”

James Dashner, Twitter post:

Although it sounds like Dylan has some recovering ahead of him, it is good to hear that he will be ready to return to his starring role in the movie in the (hopefully near) future.

kendall kylie jenner working real people look 2016 gossip

On most days stars Kendall and Kylie Jenner, as well as their sister Khloe Kardashian, can’t step a foot out the door without being hounded by paparazzi and adoring fans. However, with the magic of a little makeup, facial prosthetics and wigs, the sisters were able to sneak around Hollywood (pretty much) unnoticed.

On Friday, the famous trio went undercover and went on an exciting adventure on a local Hollywood celebrity tour bus. Documented on Kylie’s Snapchat and Khloe’s app, the sisters looked completely unrecognizable as they ventured out for the day. Donning a grey wig, Khloe took on the role of a 79-year-old grandma who was simply in town visiting her two granddaughters (i.e. Kendall and Kylie). Meanwhile, Kylie wore geeky glasses, and Kendall opted for a red-haired wig and freckles.

Not too long into their adventure, the girls began getting waved and heckled at by fans that had been watching their antics on either Snapchat or Khloe’s app. However, trying to maintain their low profile, the three sisters tried their best to ignore the attention.

khloe kardashian kylie jenner real look 2016

During the stream, the girls are heard objecting to numerous things that the tour bus guide says regarding their family. For instance, while passing a local restaurant Kylie made a face that pretty much disregarded the guide’s claim that it is where Kim goes to get her favorite Chinese Chicken Salad. In addition, the guide also mentioned Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga and talked about how he reportedly didn’t let Sir Paul McCartney into a party he was hosting. However, the girls were quick to run to the rappers defense, yelling out “that’s not true!”

Inevitably, the fans that tuned in to watch the adventure were thoroughly entertained. Afterwards, Kylie shared a picture of her, Kendall and Khloe all dressed up on her Instagram, alongside a caption that told her followers to check her Snapchat feed out.

Kylie Jenner, Instagram post:

kylie jenner with khloe kardashian instagram look