Dish & Duer Keep Radiation At Bay With Their Wearable Tech

wearable tech dish duer 2015 images

wearable tech dish duer 2015 imagesWhen it comes to holiday gift shopping, denim isn’t always on the top of one’s gifts to-buy list. Often jeans can be difficult to pick out, especially for someone else. For some, buying jeans is a dreaded chore that they hope to do once a year. However, just as tech gadgets have advanced, so has the fabric technology available in denim pants. Thus, making it easier than ever to pick out a comfortable pair of jeans that will look and feel great on your loved ones.

The specific technology is called Nature2X, which combines four specific fibers that interact with each other to increase overall performance of clothing. The fabric is made up of Tencel, which helps absorb moisture from the skin. It locks in this moisture so that you don’t actually feel wet, but still have access to an appropriate amount of moisture to avoid skin irritation.

Additionally, Nature2X fabric also includes spandex to enhance the stretch and memory of the material and polyester to ensure the shape of the clothing remains intact. Lastly, it also incorporates cotton, which in collaboration with polyester enhances the durability of the innovative fabric.

The Vancouver-based clothing brand Dish and DU/ER created this performance-oriented fabric to merge the comfort of sports and fitness attire with the fashion and look of modern denim. The company offers a new genre of clothing they refer to as “Athleisure,” which allows you to “climb the highest mountains, cross the hottest desserts and compete in athletic endeavors” while sporting a trendy pair of jeans.

The Dish aspect of the brand is geared towards the female consumer while the DU/ER side is designed for men. Thus, they offer a selection of styles and colors for virtually anyone on your gift list. The company prides itself in its unique denim that is 30% lighter and stronger than traditional denim on the market today.

As the company explains, people have been wearing denim for over 100 years yet there really hasn’t been much innovation. So while cars, computers and just about everything else continues to advance at lightning speeds, why shouldn’t one of the most widely owned article of clothing be modified for the better as well?

In some of their denim variations, the company also addresses a growing problem in modern day society, which is the negative side effects men are experiencing due to radiation from their cell phones and such being in their pockets. Their men’s L2X line includes features known as a “seat gusset” and “radiation shield.” The seat gusset is a seamless feature in the crotch of the pant that incorporates triple stitched seams, allowing for maximized durability. Basically, they are making sure you aren’t going to rip your pants even when doing the most impressive of yoga moves.

Meanwhile, the radiation shield is a coating in the left pocket that has silver-coated copper wires spun into the cotton. This feature reduces the amount of radiation traveling the surface of the fabric into your skin. Recent studies have shown that the radiation men are exposed to through carrying the cell phones in their front pocket can decrease their fertility rate significantly.

So, while the men in your life may not be willing to give up their cell phone, you can still protect them (and their baby-making abilities) with the wearable tech incorporated in DU/ER’s denim.

Currently, Dish and DU/ER is using crowdsourcing site Kickstarter to fund their latest line of pants for both men and women that incorporate the revolutionary Nature2X fabric. You can check it out here:

Whether it be for the women in your life that you desperately want to see out of yoga pants and leggings everyday or the men whose go-to are sinful sweatpants, I suggest you check out the latest in wearable tech and denim. Not only will the recipient feel good in their new pants, but also you will feel good being around them (win/win right?)

You can check out Dish and DU/ER’s wearable tech denim at their website: