Dennis Hof Showing No Love for Lamar Odom Or Kardashians & Jeremy Renner Not Up With Women

dennis hof threating lamar odom kardashians 2015 gossipdennis hof threating lamar odom kardashians 2015 gossip

Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof, spilled the tea all over Lamar Odom in interviews this week, and now he’s threatening to sue both he and Khloe Kardashian if his $75K bill isn’t taken care of. Jeremy Renner can’t be bothered swing over to help fellow actresses get equal pay, and Rick Ross claims that he settled the dispute with Meek Mill and Wale.

dennis hof threating lamar odom kardashians 2015 gossipdennis hof threating lamar odom kardashians 2015 gossip

Dennis Hof Threatens to Sue Lamar and or Khloe for $75,000 Brothel Bill

What can you really say about a man as sleazy as Dennis Hoff? From capitalizing on Lamar Odom’s near death experience to cheating the women of the Love Ranch, who have not been pay for their services, he is a piece of work. He took to interviews on Sirium XM to let it be known that Lamar had been chatting online with Madison Montag, his transsexual worker that he publicized highly in October, and was all intent in meeting her when he came to the Love Ranch. Then there were those photos of Lamar sleeping that were ‘leaked’ to the Daily Mail showing future customers that if they want privacy, the Love Ranch is not the place to go in Nevada. Thankfully for those people, there’s plenty of other brothels where you can have the anonymity you crave.

And his latest “masterpiece” has everything to do with he bill that Lamar supposedly still owes. According to what he told TheWrap, Odom’s credit card may not authorize the charges and if he can take care of his bill, his wife should.

“He paid his credit card but then I got a call from Boulevard Management asking all these questions, ‘What were these charges for?’ and such. So, in my mind, are they trying a way not to pay the bill… If he doesn’t, I’m going after Khloe and her husband.”

How can he even be that petty right now? From what I understand, the results of Lamar’s drug test haven’t come back yet or haven’t been released. Shouldn’t he be more worried about that? I mean yes, $75,000 is a lot of money, but what’s going to happen if he’s shut down because of the use of illegal drugs on his premises. He gets no money then.

To top it all off, as if there is a need for it to get any more grimy, Hof goes on to suggest that Khloe paying Odom’s Love Ranch bill would not be the first time she’s had to take care of his brothel visits. He says that she use to pay for his trips to the Cathouse, a Nevada brothel that was the subject of an HBO late night TV show.

I literally have no words, especially since he went on further to say that, “They need to do the honorable thing.” This guy has no room and no right to talk about anyone being honorable.

women not jeremy renners problems 2015 gossipJeremy Renner says Closing the Hollywood Gender Pay Gap is Not His Job

When it comes mega stars using their influence for good, you don’t always get the actions you’d like to see. And as far as Jeremy Renner is concerned, he’s okay with that.

The actor says that he is all for women’s rights and equal pay, but when it comes to his involvement in helping to make that happen, it’s not really on his radar. When asked by Business Insider if he’s willing to do like Bradley Cooper and negotiate alongside his female co-stars he said,

“That’s not my job…I don’t know contracts and money and all that sort of stuff… I’m a performer, and I know human behavior. When it comes to that sort of stuff, I let other people deal with that…”I do what I’m good at; that’s what I focus on.”

A part of me feels like he is right because he doesn’t handle that aspect of his career (from what he tells us) but a bigger part of me feels like he should care enough about his part in helping to change a system that affects so many. But that is just my two cents?

rick ross stops meek mill wale beef 2015 gossipRick Ross Squashes Meek vs. Wale Beef

So you know the beef that happened between Meek Mill and Wale? Oh, you didn’t. That’s because Rick Ross stopped it before it elevated to a very familiar rap beef of which we are often reminded.

When Wale spoke on the Meek Mill/Drake beef from the summer, Meek did not like the fact that he made it seem like the Phily rapper lost. He took to Instagram to not only let Wale and the rest of the world know how he felt, but he also used his rant as a time to throw all kinds of shade at his fellow Maybach Music Group label mate. In particular, he said that he, Meek Milly, is cutting Wale from MMG.

“He not MMG, I’m making that call.”

We all know that Rick Ross runs the show and after Meek’s tirade, Ricky Rozay showed his support for Wale and took to social media himself to set the record straight. In a video posted to TMZ, Ross says that he’s happy to address the situation.

“Young Meek Mill, Young Wale … family good, ya dig?! Y’all know how I do it… All I know is winning. All I know is love; ya dig?”

I hear you Rick Ross, but something tells me that Meek is feeling himself a little too much right now and because he obviously has a big ego, I’ll hold my breath on that collaboration.