Darren E. Scott talks ‘Supernatural’s’ beer brewing Randy Bull

Darren E. Scott talks ‘Supernatural’s’ beer brewing Randy Bull

Darren E. Scott talks 'Supernatural's' beer brewing Randy Bull 2016 images

In Supernatural episode 6 of Season 12, we see, for one of the first times, a hunter gathering – a wake for hunter Asa Fox. Darren E. Scott plays one of those hunters, Randy Bull. His character brews beer (which is met with approval by Dean) and is a general all around guy’s guy.

Tell us about your character, Randy Bull. The name itself begs to be discussed – is there a pun in there somewhere?

Randy, like Sam and Dean Winchester, is a hunter of demons, ghosts, monsters and other SUPERNATURAL beings who is also very close friend of Asa Fox.   His name is part of his punchline which you will see.

darren e scott in stan lees office

How were you cast?

My first and only audition for this episode was a Director and Producer Session.  Was in the room for quite a while as director John Badham really worked with me to get it the way he envisioned.   As with any audition I left not thinking much of what was going to happen.  Was a pleasure to get a call the next day from my agent confirming that I was going to network for approval.

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Do you have any behind the scenes stories to share?

Mark Brandt (who plays “Bucky”) and I had a great chat with Jensen Ackles in between set ups.   Jensen was telling us about how the family atmosphere amongst cast & crew has been key to the longevity of the series, now going on 12.   They like to keep everything on the positive.  Kim Rhodes was also great as she likes to joke around and make people laugh during rehearsals.  That really helps to loosen up everyone involved before they shoot.

Were you familiar with Supernatural before you were cast?

Supernatural is of course known to anyone working in the industry in this city, not to mention it’s wide international fan base.  Not only that but my old roommate, from my time living in Beijing,  Osric Chau played Kevin Tran for a few seasons.

darren e scott movie tv tech geeks interview

Do you have any current projects that you’d like to share?

One of my films recently did an international release this year called “Killing Salazar” .  I play Major John Skokowski who heads up a JPAT division to escort a fled Eastern European Drug Lord back to the U.S. to work with the DEA.  You’ll also catch me next year playing Vince Miller in the much anticipated Bruce Lee film “Birth Of the Dragon.”

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Carol Hansson is a freelance writer out of Northern British Columbia. Her interests include writing, reading, her horses – and of course, Supernatural.

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