Channing Tatum Does Beyonce with Beyonce: WATCH ‘Lip Sync Battle’

Channing Tatum Does Beyonce with Beyonce 2016 images

Channing Tatum Does Beyonce with Beyonce 2016 imagesChanning Tatum easily blew his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, out of the “Lip Sync Battle” water with his “Who Run the World (Girls),” which featured a special surprise with Queen B herself, Beyonce, joining in at the end.

We knew it would be a treat when it was announced that the Tatum’s would be battling it out in the series second season return, and it was easily one of their best. I mean even to rival Anne Hathaway’s “Wrecking Ball” tour de force. The show threw out the rules for this couple, and it was well worth it as they each put on a show where they kept topping each other.

Jenna opened with her sexy dance skills to Paula Abdul‘s “Cold-Hearted Snake,” and what a pleasant surprise; Abdul showed up and danced with her! Then Channing came out of the snow (literally) in a blue gown with a long, blond braid to give his rendition of Frozen‘s famous song, “Let It Go.”

channing tatum frozen 2016 imagesThen things started to get hot and heavy when his lady took on his own Magic Mike moves for Ginuwine‘s “Pony,” where she even gave him a lap dance. One of the great things of the show is that the celebrity contestants have no clue what the other person will be doing so to see their reaction is just as great as seeing the performance itself. The minute the opening bars of the song hit, Tatum’s mouth flew open as wife duplicated his “Magic Mike” moves before having him pulled out on the stage to give him a personal lapdance.

channing tatum wife does pony for him on lip sync battle 2016 images

Not knowing how he could top that performance, Channing still does it when he sits astride a horse all Bey’d up. We had already heard that Beyonce would be a surprise, but after all the great performances, it was easy to forget until she came through the doors and shocked everyone in the audience along with Tatum’s wife. That’s how to put on a show, and you’ll after checking out the video that includes both of their best performances starting with Jenna’s “Pony,” leading up to the Queen B moment.