Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Rob Gone Girls Kim Kardashian & EMPIRE Lawsuit Hits

rob kardashian fat man for kris kim khloe family 2015

We start this week on the rumor mill with none other than the Kardashians and their crazy, hopeless family drama that Kim Kardashian is surely going to run to mama Kris as she always does with her brother. The few times I’ve seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians, I’ve rooted for his side as Kim and Mama Kris really know how to hit a man below the belt when he’s down.

Here Is The Celebrity Gossip Roundup:

rob kardashian fat man for kris kim khloe family 2015

Rob Kardashian Goes All Gone Girl On Kim Kardashian

So with Rob Kardashian’s recent diss about his sister pretty much being a pyscho, this really gives some insight into who Kim Kardashian really is. Or at least that what it seems to me. I mean come on, he call her the crazy ass, fake your death, do anything for attention, lie, screw , fake to get your way to the top (among other things) girl from the Gone Girl movie. If you haven’t seen that film, then you probably don’t see the big deal. If you have seen it, you know exactly what he is talking about. Amy Dunne was a super sociopath, spoiled rich girl that did whatever she felt and wanted to get national attention. I am sorry but that just sounds too similar to Kim Kardashian.

rob kardashian instagram kim kardashian hate 2015

And the way he did it says a lot too. He didn’t just put a comment or tweet about it, this dude posted a picture of Amy Dunne covered in blood walking down the street. Then, he unfollowed all of his family on Instagram and didn’t go to Kim’s wedding.  Whatever is going on with them has him all kinds of pissed and upset. Whatever bad blood he had with them, just boiled over into social media.

And for the record, I don’t think he is kidding. Naturally, the family and close ‘sources’ are blaming Rob massive weight gain feeling that he’s depressed and spreading negative energy everywhere. I think many viewers of the show are saying that the poor kid never stood a chance in life with Mama Kris and trying to survive that shark infested terrain they called a family.

empire taraji p henson sends son to non racial profile school 2015 gossip

Taraji P. Hensons Pays Big To Send Her Son to HBCU

We all know that Taraji P. Henson does not play when it comes to her son. It seems that she doesn’t play at all. Growing up in the Oxen Hill area of DC (for those that know the locale)  you can understand totally why she doesn’t.

Well, it is reported that due to her son being racially profiled near the campus of the University of Southern California (USC).

“I’m not paying $50K so I can’t sleep at night wondering is this the night my son is getting racially profiled on campus.”

I feel what she is saying and here where she is coming from but to be honest, going to an UBCU is not going to stop that shit from happening. It happens all the time and with the gentrification that has taken place around Howard University (which is her alma mater and where she plans to send her son) who is to say that it won’t happen there. I do commend her on taking acting and refusing to give money to a system that probably calls for police to racially profile (USC isn’t in the best spot of Los Angeles).  Good for her and good luck to her son.

tamar braxton anxiety sends to hosptial 2015 gossip

Tamar Braxton Treated for Anxiety Attack

Tamar was reportedly rushed to a hospital because of an anxiety attack. If it is true that that is the reason she was rushed to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California from the set of her talk show The Real, since it has been reported that she and her husband Vince Herbert own $1.6 million in taxes, can you really blame her?

People don’t just have anxiety attacks for no reason. There has to be something going on that warrants them to almost loose their damn minds and not be able to breathe. While of course she is trying to save face in light of the whole situation, there is no getting around the fact that money issues is a major reason for so many negative and unfortunate things that happen in our world today.

mackenzie mckee new car before crash teen moms 2015 gossip

Teen Mom Blames Diabetes for Car Crash

Mackenzie McKee, on of the stars of the unfortunate MTV show 16 and Pregnant, recently crashed her brand new car in Oklahoma and she is saying that diabetes is to blame. The McKee says that due to high sugar levels, she zoned out while driving which caused her to suddenly swerve off the road destroying the Kia Sorento she just bought the day before. Damn

Now for the part that really sucks- Chick didn’t have insurance yet. This means she now has to pay $26,000 because of her lack of insurance, which she got a ticket for. Let this be a lesson that you always, always, always get insurance before you even leave the damn lot because you never know what can happen.

fox empire lawsuit with empire distribution 2015 gossip

The Fight Over Empire

We all knew it was bound to happen, I am just surprised it didn’t happen sooner. A real life “record label” that goes by the name of Empire Distribution (they distribute and publish material for artists like Kendrick Lamar and Snoop) is claiming that FOX used their name for the hit show Empire and has no right to do so because it tarnishing their brand. Fox has filed a lawsuit against the record label who claims that the fictitious show’s main character Lucious Lyon’s homophobic, drug dealing, murderous behavior is hurting the real life label’s rep.

Furthermore, Empire Distribution wants Fox to pay $8 million ($5 million if the show uses Empire Distribution’s artists as regulars). Fox is definitely on going down without a fight though stating that the label is relatively obscure being that it shows up somewhere on the 7th page of a Google search.

Wow… people nowadays will try to do whatever they can to get money.