Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Ray Lewis Rant Bashed Khloe Kardashian & Sherri Shepherd Disgrace

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Your mid week gossip round up is full of current events and celebrity happenings. Ray Lewis rants, Khloe Kardashian gets Baltimore bashed, John Stamos calls Olsen Twins out and Sherri Shepherd continues her un-Christian ways.

ray lewis baltimore riots rant 2015 gossip

Ray Lewis’ Emotional YouTube Video Does Nothing For Baltimore Situation

Let me say off the bat that I am not a Ray Lewis fan. Yes I live in Baltimore. No, I am not a Ravens follower. With that said, my criticism of this screaming video he posted on YouTube that is supposed to, IDK, stop people from expressing their anger about what’s going on is a reflection of his inaction thus far and not totally cynical.

The former football player made a video where he is sitting in his dark living room in a chair getting hyped about how people need to stop destroying the city that “we built.” He goes on saying how people put their blood sweat and tears into what they have and that those out in the streets need to “just go home.”

Now here is my issue with him and his whole persona. Baltimoreans (I am not a native but have lived here for three years) make this guy out to be their savior, I mean his presence in the city is like the coming of Christ. There is a messianic air to Ray Lewis that goes to far in my opinion and I would think that with the love he has for Charm City, he would do more than “preach” and raise his voice in a video.

He says that he is skipping the draft to stay in Baltimore and that is fine and all, but if his video is his contribution to the situation going on in the poorest parts of the city, he might as well have gone. And that’s all I have to say about that.

khloe kardashian controversy for baltimore instagram 2015

Khloe Kardashian bashed for Baltimore Support

As she said on her Instagram post, “Damned if I do. Damned if I don’t.” The 30 year old Kardashian sister took to the social media network to express her support of the situation in Baltimore by posting a picture with the caption “Pray for Baltimore.”

Not too long after, people began criticizing her post with some saying that the Nepal earthquake is more important than people getting murder by police. Others felt like she can keep her support because it’s not genuine.

Her response what right on as she asked in a follow up post, “So now it’s wrong to pray? What is wrong with some of you guys?”

People are so crazy. Because she is famous AND because is a member of one of the most famous or infamous (depending on how you look at it) her actions will always be judged. Well, at least she can enjoy a nice Cosmo poolside in her Calabasas house as she is getting her nails and feet done to get over the stupidity of haters.

john stamos calls out olsen twins 2015 gossip

John Stamos gets in Olsen Twins’ Asses

Remember Uncle Jesse from the TV show Full House?  Well he, or rather John Stamos the actor that played him, recently too issue with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s claim that they had no idea about the Netflix reboot of the hit 90’s show which is titled Fuller House (cleaver).

“I call bullshit” he tweeted on Monday.


Not too long after, fellow Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner) and Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) also had something to say about the Olsen twins telling fashion publication Women’s Wear Daily

“I guess we’re going to talk to the creators and see what’s happening,”

Bure was especially verbal about her thoughts on the girls willingness to be apart of the reboot.

“It would be great if one of them came back…but I’m not holding my breath.”

It is always so interesting to me to see and hear how former co-stars feel about one another years after a show has ended. It is clear that the cast consensus on the Olsen twins is that they think way more highly of themselves that others do. I guess the question then is can you blame them?


Things changed after that tweet as Stamos has a chat with the twins and sent out a tweet that everything had been smoothed out after all.

sherri shepherd wants no baby responsibility with ex al 2015 gossip

Sherri Shepherd Positive that Custody Battle Will Work Out in Her Favor

The woman who doesn’t want to take responsibility of being a mother to a child that she and her husband had via a surrogate has finally broken her silence on the situation. What kills me about this woman is she just jumps up and down with her beloved Bible and would castigate someone who was doing what she is right now. The fact that she wants to abandon a child is sad, and I really hope Hollywood and other people let this piece of human waste just fade away. She keeps talking about her integrity speaking for itself….well it certainly has and we’ve all learned girl that she ain’t got none whatsoever!

TV personality Sherri Shepherd has been in a custody/court battle with her ex-husband Lamar Sally over the child born to them last summer. Her argument is that she was tricked into have a baby so that Sally could collect child support.

She told Entertainment Tonight, “Life is difficult… People who know me, my character, my integrity – I feel it speaks for itself… I’m a big believer that everything always works out in the end.”

This whole situation is really screwed up because first of all, there is no way a man can talk you into have a baby, especially if you are not carrying it. And then, to entering into the agreement and then try to back out of it even after the baby is born, that’s some messed up shit.

I don’t feel sorry for Shepherd, no one is going to throw her a pity party. She knew the kind of man that she was married to and if there was a doubt in her mind that he paly her, then she should have said no to the baby.

At this point, the best thing is for her to get custody of the baby if paying child support to Sally is her issue. She got herself into this situation and now a child’s life is involved, she needs to not be so damn selfish. Once again, is this how Christianity works in Sherri Shepherd’s world or is she just another freaking hypocrite who dusts off her Bible when it’s necessary.