Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jay Z Secret Son & Rihanna Working Her Leo

ansel elgort lost virginity to men at fourteen gay 2015.png

Celebrity Gossip Roundup Jay Z Secret Son Rihanna Working Her Leo

This week’s celebrity gossip includes dirt from last night’s Oscars Awards Ceremony and other intriguing pieces of information. Not one to let an opportunity to poke fun at celebrities pass him by, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel did a Post-Oscar broadcast of his show. He aired a segment in which he preached his Kimmel School of Perfect Acting with the purpose of taking jabs at celebrities who did not thank him in their Oscar acceptance speeches. Stars such as Jennifer Aniston, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt participated in the segment. Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to make the Post Oscar show more amusing than the actual Oscar’s themselves.

sharon osbourne makes controversial oscar party speech for elton john 2015

While many non-celebrities throw Oscar viewing parties, Elton John threw his yearly one that doubles as a fundraiser for the AIDS Foundation. He and husband David Guest invited fellow celebrities such as Aaron Paul, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough, Alessandro Ambrosio and Sarah Hyland. The only two guests who made a spectacle of themselves were reportedly Ozzie and Sharon Osborne. An onstage outburst from Sharon Osborne declaring that everyone was at the party to contribute to the AIDS Foundation and the Oscars could go *expletive* themselves apparently embarrassed Elton John. He was said to have been uncomfortable with her use of expletives.

jennifer aniston squeezed to death from emma stone at oscars 2015

Though she was snubbed by the Academy despite her role in “Cake” Jennifer Aniston still made an appearance at the Oscars. Before the show started she was seen strolling around the theatre and waving to fans as well as the media. She got plenty of love and attention from Emma Stone who just couldn’t seem to get a big enough hug on her. The photo above almost looks like it could have been from “WWE Total Divas“, but at least it’s real love in Hollywood.

charlie sheen tweets out hes not on two half men finale 2015

In other celebrity gossip the much anticipated series finale of “Two and a Half Men” did not include Charlie Sheen, despite rumors that he would be brought back to help close out the series. The same day the episode aired Sheen took to Twitter to admit to his fans that he was not a part of the series finale. He then told his fans to watch an upcoming episode of “The Goldbergs” that he guest starred on. So apparently someone in Hollywood is still willing to work with him. Let’s take bets on how long that’s going to last, shall we?

american horror story ben woolf hit by car in los angeles 2015

“American Horror Story” fans were horrified to learn this week that star Ben Woolf was hit by a car in Hollywood last week and was reportedly in critical condition. It seems that he was crossing a Hollywood street when his head smacked into a passing SUV’s side-view mirror. The driver of the SUV is not facing charges because Woolf was apparently jaywalking when he got hit. UPDATE: Sadly Ben Woolf died this evening from the head injury.

amy poehler with parks recreation harris wittle 2015

Fans, cast and crew of the hit TV show “Parks & Recreations” are grieving over the death of Harris Wittles, who was one of the show’s producers. Several hours after “Parks & Recreations” cast member Amy Poehler found out about his death she was appearing at Unite4Humanity, an event leading up to the Oscars. The actress works with an organization called “Worldwide Orphans” which she was being honored for at the event. Despite having this honor bestowed upon her Poehler was reportedly struggled to smile for the cameras. She made a speech talking about how she had lost a friend that day and that she didn’t feel like telling jokes but she was happy to listen to the other event participants.

ansel elgort lost virginity to men at fourteen gay 2015.png

Proving some celebrities have no scruples or class, actor Ansel Elgort, best known for his starring role in 2014’s blockbuster hit “The Fault In Our Stars,” told Elle magazine during an interview that losing his virginity at the age of 14 had been awkward for him. Since Elle is a fashion magazine it’s hard to understand why he thought its readers would care. A magazine like Cosmopolitan would have been a better fit for that kind of confession. If your recall last December, the young actor also made a point in interviews to make sure everyone knew that he was not gay. He really made sure that everyone knew he was straight….yes we understand.

jay z secret son hes ignoring

Jay Z has recently been battling claims that he as a 21 year old son he has never acknowledged. The young rapper alleges that Jay Z slept with his mother during the early part of the 1990s and he was born as a result. Though the 21 year old man is trying to get Jay Z to be legally forced to take a paternity test, Jay Z has refused to do so. The 21 year old also alleges that Jay Z told the courts false information so they couldn’t force him to agree to a paternity test. The young man and his legally appointed guardian are trying to sue Jay Z on the grounds of emotional and monetary strife.

jaime king pregnant again 2015

Jaime King, an actress on “Hart of Dixie,” recently took to Twitter to let her fans know she is pregnant with her and husband Kyle Newman’s second child. In a recent issue of People magazine Jaime King spoke of having trouble becoming fertile enough to even have children.

rihanna spending weekends with leonardo dicaprio 2015

Rihanna recently traveled to NYC to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with alleged boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. Witnesses reported that the two were seen around town throughout the weekend. One witness even reported that the two were always physically close whenever they were in public and that they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. The two reportedly even attended a secret Paul McCartney concert that was held at Irving Plaza.

maggie grace engaged to matthew cooke 2015

“Taken” actress Maggie Grace recently became engaged to boyfriend Matthew Cooke. She took to Instagram to announce their engagement and posted a picture of herself and Matthew that was reportedly taken shortly after she accepted his proposal of marriage.

rihanna spending weekends with leonardo dicaprio 2015

As Bobbi Kristina Brown continues to fight for her life in an Atlanta hospital father Bobby Brown has reportedly banned Bobbi’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, from visiting her in the hospital. In response he began a public campaign that has the potential to get him in legal trouble.

vanilla ice arrested for burglary 2015

Vanilla Ice has certainly fallen from grace since his popularity soared during the 1990s. He was recently arrested in Florida amid allegations that he broke into an abandoned home and stole items of value. Florida police have reportedly charged him with one count each of grand theft and burglary. A note to Mr Ice: could you please stop dying your hair so black as it really makes you look like a demented Amish person.