Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Bieber Chokes, Kanye Leaves Wet & JLo Gets Casper

justin bieber forced from coachella in chokehold 2015 gossip

celebrity gossip justin bieber chokes kanye gets wet jlo works casper

This week’s celebrity gossip includes the usual antics of everyone’s favorite Hollywood stars. First up, is Ireland Baldwin’s public declaration that the rumors of her having recently checked herself into rehab are true via twitter. Ireland sent out a tweet saying that since she is apparently in rehab she was just going to lay low and eat frozen yogurt. She did admit that in the past she has checked herself into a facility for a two week stay to deal with emotional trauma, the details of which she will not disclose as of yet. Radar Online broke that story which basically had her having to admit to going before.




In some painful news, former 90210 star Tori Spelling was recently rushed to the hospital after she fell and landed on a hibachi grill while dining at a Japanese restaurant with her family. Though she treated the ensuing burn at home she had to break down and go to a California burn center to have a skin graft.

tori speling burn from hibachi grill 2015 gossip

The latest gossip from Justin Bieber’s camp is that he was forcefully removed from the Coachella Music Festival after he tried to get in to watch Drake perform. Security for the festival reportedly told Bieber that the crowd was so big there wasn’t room for him and his people and they needed to leave. When he was removed forcibly a security guard working the festival put Bieber in a chokehold.

justin bieber forced from coachella in chokehold 2015 gossip

Meanwhile, Drake received an onstage kiss from Madonna as the singers performed together at Coachella. His reaction was not favorable as he looked rather disgusted and about to vomit after Madge put a big one on him. Perhaps he felt her draining his youth, but he’s already in pr mode apologizing and fixing any permanent damage the aging singer could have put on him.

madonna kisses drake at coachella 2015

Over the weekend Pink attended a cancer benefit where some of her fans made negative statements about her physical appearance. Showing how classy she is Pink responded by telling her fans that she feels pretty despite their opinions about her bodyweight. She did thank her fans for their concern though.

pink thinks fat is fine on her 2015 gossip

At a recent Kanye West concert the night had to be cut short because West, as part of his performance, jumped into a fountain. When he did, the fans at the concert mobbed him to the point where security had to step in. Kim Kardashian said that it was a crazy night and she was excited to be a part of it.

kanye west leaves concert early after fountain jump 2015 gossip

Over the weekend Nelly ended up in jail after his tour bus was pulled over by a police officer in Tennessee for not having necessary stickers on the bus. Upon being pulled over, the police officer who did so smelled marijuana and proceeded to search the bus. The search turned up rocks filled with meth, as well as various hand guns. After Nelly’s arrest a bond was posted for him in the amount of $10,000. Nelly will now have to appear in court in June to face felony drug charges.

nelly arrested for drugs 2015

On a recent visit to Canada, Ryan Reynolds was bumped by a car driven by a member of the paparazzi. The driver, who had been taking a picture of Reynolds at the time of the accident, fled from the underground parking garage where his car came into contact with Reynolds. The actor was not injured in this accident.

ryan reynolds hit by paparazzi 2015 gossip

In relationship news, rumors are swirling that Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner are more than just friends. These rumors started after Bieber and Jenner posted photos on the Internet that show him with his hands on her hips. Kendall posted on her Instagram account that she really needs a boyfriend to sing back up for her in some of her songs because she is stressed out trying to perform both parts. While this statement was allegedly a joke somehow it wouldn’t be surprising if Kendall was actually dead serious about the reason she is seeking out a boyfriend. Things took a sudden turn when the two were at Coachella as Bieber seemed to treat Jenner like a ‘hanger-on’ and she left crying calling him a big douchebag. Bieber was forcibly taken out of the event shorty thereafter.

justin bieber kendall jenner dating then not dating for coachella 2015 gossip

Following up on gossip reported last month concerning a crazed fan stalking Gwen Stefani outside an acupuncture clinic where she was receiving treatment, Stefani has now filed a restraining order against the man stalking her. He has attempted to visit her house in L.A. several times in the past and wanted to give her a note, candy and flowers from himself. The stalker apparently also contacted Stefani’s father and told him that if Gwen was ever injured he wouldn’t be able to survive. Stefani and her father have now both filed restraining orders against the stalker.

gwen stefani forced to file restraining order on stalker 2015 gossip

The romantic relationship between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone has reportedly become rocky. The couple is allegedly spending time away from each other to determine whether or not they want to continue with the relationship. An unnamed source has stated that the reason for the tension between the couple is that Garfield is currently filming a movie in which he plays a very dark role and it has affected him so much that he is not “boyfriend material” at the moment. The media have begun dubbing them the Ross and Rachel of celebrity.

emma stone andrew garfield taking a break now 2015 gossip

Rita Wilson, wife of Tom Hanks, has recently announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy done. She also reportedly had reconstructive surgery as well. The actress was suffering from invasive lobular carcinoma. Since then Wilson has gone on record saying that getting a second opinion when being diagnosed with cancer is very important to do and that since the type of breast cancer she suffered from is rare she wanted to raise awareness about it among women all over the world.

rita wilson has double masectemy for cancer 2015 gossip

In some sad news out of Hollywood, legendary singer Percy Sledge has passed away at the age of 73. His agent stated that he had been battling cancer for some time now. Sledge passed away in his home, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

percy sledge dies 2015 gossip

Further fueling rumors that Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez are a couple again, the two were recently spotted in Las Vegas together. They were seen partying at a nightclub in the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Lopez and Smart dined in one of the night club’s private dining rooms and eyewitnesses said they looked cozy. J Lo then took to the dance floor and even took some photos with fans in the night club.

jennifer lopez eating out casper smart for 2015 gossip

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