‘Star Trek’ with Gene Roddenberry’s Centennial, Gets a Brick Build

live long and prosper vulcan spok in lego for gene roddenberry celebration

As a lifelong Star Trek fan, I’ve been celebrating ‘Think Trek,’ Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s centennial celebration. For 100 days leading up to what would have been his 100th birthday, there have been daily inspirational quotes shared by a parade of Star Trek actors and writers from across the many iterations of the series. August 2021 is already a rather huge month for fans with some of your favorite Paramount+ shows returning like “Lower Decks” on August 12.

ThinkTrek” has gotten fans and stars to come together and share their love for the franchise on social media. It’s encouraged artists to celebrate how “Star Trek” affected them and what it means to them. The video below shows brick builder Samuel Hatmaker (a memorable builder on the first season of U.S. Lego Masters), who has made some pretty incredible pieces. This is his third build conveying a timeless and unforgettable message.


Star Trek Lego Time Lapse Video Live Long and Prosper

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Star Trek Live Long and Prosper Time Lapse Brick Build Video Samuel Hatmaker

I’ve been sharing some of those on Twitter, and today a new installment of another facet of the celebration was released, showcasing fannish creativity and artistry inspired by Trek in a different way. With those famous brick build plastic pieces! (I have a fondness for them since they have been a favorite of my son’s since he was old enough to put two pieces together – and a passionate Star Trek fan himself since about the same age).

The first brick build piece released commemorated the cultural norm-challenging kiss between Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) and Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and the second was a beautiful rainbow-hued piece reminding us of Star Trek’s philosophy of embracing IDIC (Infinite diversity in infinite combinations).

Star Trek Gene Roddenberry lego 3
Jade Alayne Photographer

The newly released third piece of 3D art is Mr. Spock himself with the iconic Vulcan greeting ‘Live long and prosper’ by artist Samuel Hatmaker.

The famous hand gesture was created by Leonard Nimoy out of his own Jewish cultural tradition – as the artist says, “a reminder of the beauty within different cultures, the strength of diversity and the success that can come not simply from tolerating but from truly embracing each other’s differences.”

The centennial celebration is being put on by Roddenberry Entertainment, whose goal is to sustain the legacy of founder Gene Roddenberry. The company includes in its ‘mission statement’ that ‘We are devoted to producing viewer-centric entertainment that actively recognizes the integral role audiences play in the creation of any franchise, as well as the role substantive entertainment can play in bettering society. Our productions promote experience over observation; encouraging audiences to think, question, and challenge the status quo of the world in which we live.’

You can also check out a ton of pictures of the process over here on Jade Alayne’s site.

Sounds very Star Trek to me!