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Real Life Superheroes at Comic Con 2017

"Star Trek's" Chase Masterson and Nichelle Nichols' Superheroes in Real Life Comic-Con panel on bullying and homophobia inspires everyone.

A ‘Supernatural’ Big Win at Comic Con 2017!

Supernatural made Comic-Con 2017 very memorable for fans plus we got some answers from Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Bob Singer on Season 13.

‘Stranger Things’ gets Comic-Con excited with freaky new trailer

One of the more anticipated panels at Comic-Con Saturday was for "Stranger Things," and it did not disappoint. 
Carrie Genzel talks 'Supernatural' fans and her State of Slay 2017 interview

Carrie Genzel talks ‘Supernatural’ fans and her State of Slay

This is part 2 of the Carrie Genzel interview where she gets very indepth on Supernatural, acting and her amazing site State of Slay.
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Adam West gets honored at Comic Con 2017

Adam West may have passed away earlier this year, but his memory lives on at 2017 Comic-Con as filmmaker Kevin Smith, producer James Tucker, actors Ralph Garman and Lee Meriwether and about a thousand fans paid tribute to the actor
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2017 Comic-Con: ‘Timeless’ panel on miracle return plus twisty Season 2

NBC's Timeless has been that show that proved fans can help bring back television shows from the brink.
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2017 Comic Con: Must See TV Panels plus ‘Westworld’ comes alive

Feeling overwhelmed already at 2017 Comic-Con? Well, here's our list of the TV panels you must absolutely attend, plus the Westworld display you've got to check out.
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Carrie Genzel talks ‘Supernatural’ and Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki pranks

Carrie Genzel talks about her time on Supernatural, fun with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki and some some tips for actors.
Netflix Castlevania Perhaps the Best Cinematic Video Game Adaptation 2017 images

Netflix ‘Castlevania:’ Perhaps the Best Cinematic Video Game Adaptation

Netflix Castlevania is perhaps the best videogame to screen adaptation I’ve seen by far and is a must-see if you love the franchise and video games in general.
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Chance the Rapper gets honored at BET Awards plus winners

Like many awards shows, the 2017 BET Awards had its technical issues and was very long, but Chance the Rapper enjoyed the evening, taking home not only the best new artist award