'Agents of SHIELD' Season 5 flames up finally 2018 images

‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 5 flames up…finally

While Season 5 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD took a long time to get exciting, it's finally bringing the heat making our reviewer looking forward to next week.
the gifted vs x-men franchise

Why ‘The Gifted’ is Better than the X-Men Films – Most of Them

FOX's 'The Gifted' has proven to be even better than nearly all of Marvel's 'X-Men' films showing that origin stories can sometimes be the best starting place for a franchise.

The Death of SJW Marvel: Good or Bad for SJW

Did Marvel, trying to please everyone with diverse MCU characters, wind up killing the SJW before it ever had a chance?
Director Richard Speight Jr. talks 'Supernatural' Part 2 2017 images

Director Richard Speight Jr. talks ‘Supernatural’ Part 2

Part 2 of director/actor/musician Richard Speight Jr on Supernatural, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and his upcoming album.
Behind the Scenes of Supernatural with Director Richard Speight Jr 2017 images

Behind the Scenes of ‘Supernatural’ with Director Richard Speight Jr. Part 1

Richard Speight Jr. has gone from in front of the cameras on Supernatural to behind them directing and we get some indepth talk about life behind the scenes with the Winchester Brothers, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
Noam Ash, Austin Bening Talk ‘My Gay Roommate’ and Homo-Hetero Power Couples 2017 images

Noam Ash, Austin Bening Talk ‘My Gay Roommate’ and Homo-Hetero Power Couples

Noam Ash & Austin Bening talk about My Gay Roommate moving to a TV show and the power of the homo-hetero couple. Our interview updates readers on what has happened to the two since we interviewed them in 2013.
the crown what to expect for season 3 2017 images

‘The Crown:’ What to expect in Season 3

For fans of The Crown on Netflix, Season 3 might be a little later than normal and there are some big changes coming. Find out what they are.
top 5 supernatural episodes that might surprise spnfamily 2017 images

Top 5 ‘Supernatural’ episodes that might surprise SPNFamily

Our new Supernatural contributor Vinnie Chaffee talks her top 5 favorite SPN episodes, but they aren't what you'd expect. Read on SPNFamily members,
how disney bringing fox into the mouse house will change industry 2017 images

Disney bringing Fox into the mouse house will change industry and Marvel, MCU

FOX surprised many by selling off a huge portion of their media and television properties to Disney in a $52 billion merger, and here's how it can have an impact on Marvel, the MCU and entertainment in general.

Lisa Berry talks ‘Supernatural,’ Death and ‘Wayward Sisters”

Supernatural's Lisa Berry discusses beginning the show as Billie the Reaper, getting killed by Castiel (Misha Collins) and returning as death.

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