Red Sox, Jay and Orioles prove MLB American League is upside down 2016 images

Red Sox, Blue Jays and Orioles prove MLB American League is upside down

The Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox were more or less co-favorites in the American League East when they entered the 2016 Major League Baseball regular season.
toronto blue jays hottest mlb team 2015 week 18

American League Week 18 Recap: Blue Jays Hottest Team In MLB

This time last week we were applauding the moves the Toronto Blue Jays made before the Major League Baseball trade deadline. This landed them on our weekly American League Winners list.
royals yordano ventura tops out for american league mlb 2015

American League MLB Week Recap: Royals On Top

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is a week in as the Kansas City Royals sit atop the American League. The defending American League Champions have gotten off to the best start not only in the American League but the overall league to start the season.
most underrated american league baseball teams images 2015

Most Underrated American League Baseball Teams 2015

The 2015 Major League Season is just around the corner leaving me to wonder which teams in the American League are the most underrated teams. Every year we see a ball club get looked past and sometimes not even talked about.
new york yankees on top american league week 17 2015 mlb

American League Week 17 Recap: Yankees Still On Top

The end of July has arrived but the dog days of summer is just heating up around the American League. This featured a few teams making a few big moves before the trade deadline as well as a few teams making a move in their respective divisions around the league.
tigers justin verlander most overrated american league baseball players 2015

Most Overrated American League Baseball Players 2015

The excitement continues to build as opening day 2015 approaches. The sound of the ball hitting the mitt, the crack of the bat and all the stadium experiences has us ready for the 2015 Major League Season.
american league week 19 yankees winning blue jays 2015 mlb

American League Week 19 Recap: Yankees Take Over Blue Jays

The ups and downs of the Major League Baseball season continues as teams continue to fight for playoff spots in the American League as September approaches. This time last week in the American League we were praising the Toronto Blue Jays after winning ten straight games.
mark teixeira top winners yankees american league mlb 2015

American League Baseball Week 3 Winners & Losers 2015

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is approaching warmer weather while a few players around the American League are heating up. One of those players have been Mark Teixeira of the New York Yankees who took home the American League Player of the week award.
trevor bauer hot top man for indians american league mlb 2015

2015 National League MLB Week 7: Tampa Bay Rays On Top

The Monday morning blues might have set in for some but for most of us today is a chance to celebrate the men and woman who have served our country for us to enjoy baseball on Memorial Day.
josh hamilton rangers top man winner american league mlb 2015

American League MLB Week 8 Winners & Losers

The American League continues to provide us with some great action but we have also seen some struggles. This past week we saw a few teams as well as players put together some big weeks but we also seen a few players struggle.