how lenovo has defeated the notch 2018 images

How Lenovo defeated the Notch

Lenovo takes front and center with the bezel less screen war on their IdeaCentre AIO 520 finding a way to not replicate Apple's iPhone X 'notch'

‘Supernatural:’ When Baby runs out of gas, what will you do?

We know the day will be coming when Supernatural either gets cancelled by the CW or decides to go gently into the night, so we have a few suggestions for the Winchester brothers fans when it does.
ray allen book not welcomed by rajon rondo

Rajon Rondo has his say on Ray Allen’s ‘From the Outside’ book

New Orleans Pelicans Rajon Rondo Rips Ray Allen and New Book as Desperate Attempt For Attention
facebook feels election pinch and suspends christopher wylie cambridge analytica 2018 images

Facebook feels election pinch, suspends Christopher Wylie of Cambridge Analytica

Facebook's Cambridge Analytica problem only got bigger on Sunday as lawmakers are stepping up the heat on social media titan Mark Zuckerberg on how 50 million users data was exposed to the company linked with Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign.

NCAA March Madness 2018 lives up to its name: All scores

March Madness is proving quite a boon for the NCAA as Michigan's Jordan Poole stunned Houston with a 64-63 win sending them straight into the Sweet 16.
black panther marvels hot top box office champion takes week 5 over tomb raider 2018 image

‘Black Panther’: Marvel’s hot top box office champ takes Week 5 over ‘Tomb Raider’

Black Panther continues being Marvel's top superhero film with its fifth week atop the box office charts knocking out newcomers Tomb Raider and Love, Simon.
isaiah thomas ready to stay still with lakers 2018 images

Isaiah Thomas ready to stand still with Lakers

Isaiah Thomas is very tired of moving around and wants to stay put with the Los Angeles Lakers after going from the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Lakers.
Samsung Galaxy S9 3 good things plus one major warning 2018 images

Samsung Galaxy S9: 3 good things plus one major warning

Samsung's new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus comes with even more bells and whistles but there is a clause buried deep in the customer contract that could cost you much more. Reading does matter in this case, but there are three good reasons why upgrading is worth it.
scoobynatural should remind supernatural fans why they love the show 2018 images

Scoobynatural will remind ‘Supernatural’ fans why they love the show

Season 13 of Supernatural has been hit or miss for fans of the CW's longest running show, but the upcoming Scoobynatural episode should gets fans happily buzzing about the Winchester Brothers again.
chicago bulls receive resting rule support from pistons 2018 images

Chicago Bulls receive ‘rest rules’ support from Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons Head Coach Stan Van Gundy Defends Chicago Bulls Against NBA Rest Rules

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