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Donald Trump’s Crisis Talk Fact Check

Donald Trump's Oval Office speech certainly was able to get the media distracted from Bob Mueller's Russia investigation, but the facts didn't match up with the president's statements. Here's what's real.
aquaman soon to hit $1 billion mark while escape room sneaks into box office 2018 images

‘Aquaman’ about to hit $1 billion while ‘Escape Room’ sneaks onto box office charts

Jason Momoa's Aquaman will be hitting that $1 billion mark soon, high-concept thriller Escape Room exceeded expectations by landing in second place pushing Mary Poppins Returns down to the third spot.
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‘Black Panther,’ ‘BlacKkKlansman’ get AFI and PGA attention

Black Panther, A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody were just a handful of films nominated by the PGA for 2018 as AFI honored BlacKkKlansman.
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Catching up with those Donald Trump investigations

While President Donald Trump has been keeping everyone distracted with his wall and government shut down, here's what's been happening with all the investigations into both him and everyone in his orbit.
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Christian Bale on Dick Cheney, ‘Vice’ and taking on Donald Trump

Christian Bale talks about taking on Dick Cheney in his latest buzzworthy film Vice and if Donald Trump is worthy of such a film.
realms film worst film of 2018 box office charts

Daric Gates’ ‘Realms’ is lowest grossing film of 2018

The biggest box office loser of 2018 was Daric Gates Realms film which only brought in $147 on three theater screens.
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‘Aquaman’ tops New Year’s box office charts heading to $200 million domestic

Jason Momoa's Aquaman has become DC Films largest international grosser as it hits nearly $800 million in just 11 days. It could soon become the third largest standalone superhero film passing Spider-Man 3.
fact checking donald trumps holiday fictions 2018 images

Fact checking Donald Trump’s holiday fictions

President Donald Trump made some big claims over the holiday government shutdown regarding both the border wall and getting the U.S. Troops a whopping pay raise. Here are the real facts behind those claims.
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Reducing Stress and Anxiety During the Busy Holiday Season

Are you tired of the holidays being synonymous with stress? Do you yearn for the simple sentiments of Christmas past, and to stop buying so many darned Christmas presents? Here's 5 top ways to make your season brighter.
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Top 5 Hottest Kids Toys for Boys 8 to 10 Years Old

For you last minute Christmas holiday shoppers, here are the Top 5 absolutely perfect gifts and toys for young boys 8 to 10 years old. These are the ones they want to make you hero of the holiday season.

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