BRING IT! Season 3 Recap: Same Team Different Name & Creeper Coach

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Go Hard or Go Home. That was pretty much the theme this week on Bring it! It was also the name of the competition the Dancing Dolls did in New Orleans. Their rival this week is the Infamous Dancerettes (ID) and the stakes are higher than ever before.

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The coach for the team, John, has apparently been snooping around at the Dancing Dolls competitions that they have been doing throughout the south (like a stalker).  He has created a new team in order to beat them and trains them based on what DD does. “I’m not accepting anything less than first place.”

The Dancing Dolls are under a lot of pressure, even more so, because they only have a couple of days to get ready. This week to, a good portion of the story focuses on Selena and her girls Sanjay and her twin sisters Star and Sky. They feel a certain amount of weight too because they have some “big shoes to fill.”

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Ms. D tells the girls that they have to get it together because the beef between her and John is that real. This week too, Sanjay’s dad, Jay, shows up, which is refreshing because he is a very active father. He is there to support his girls and they are his number one priority. He definitely believes in his daughters and puts into them positive reinforcement. I like him.

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Diana knows that they have an uphill battle and she is willing to do what needs to be done to win, including cussing at the girls and cutting them. With this, Selena is going to be there for her twins “1000 percent” because she wants them to be like their sister. Her girls make the cut and Selena goes on a wallowing parade in front of the other mothers who look at her like “shut the hell up.”

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Let me say here that it is interesting to see how John pumps up his girls to beat DD. He constantly talks about them and every time he addresses his team, he talks about DD and Diana.  I mean damn John, there are other teams competing that you have to worry about. Remember that.

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The day of competition, Selena goes to the back to talk to her twins and while she is telling them they better get it, Diana pulls her by her jacket away from the girls. She says that she is putting unneeded pressure on them and if she doesn’t back down, all three of her girls will be off the team. Ugh, why does she always have to go there? She’s only doing it to spite Selena.

It is time for pompom competition and John is so cocky saying “My girls are doing a phenomenal job, it’s over, we don’t have to do anything else.” ID does their routine and even Diana says that they do a good job but it is not good for pom competition.

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Then DD performs and they look better in their routine but something happens, one of the girls loses her pompom and of course Diana is pissed.  Here too, John show just how much of a hater he really. I mean like really, he is catty and hating like he’s a female. It’s actually quit irritating and unbecoming. He’s not impressed with what he sees from thee Dancing Dolls. He even directs ID that “when they win” gloat in their faces because they took their trophy.

It then comes time for the stand battle. Diana and John come face to face right before they go on exchange fake pleasantries. She confronts him about coming to see them at compeiitons and he says “Oh yea.” I guess the only thing I give him credit for is doing his homework. I mean this dude has driven from Memphis to these other competitions to see the Dancing Dolls and even watched their videos. He admits in his confessionals to taking moves from DD routines to show the judges that his team can do it better.

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His team finishes and he stands there looking at the DD like “really.” So the Dancing Dolls do their signature up down move that ID did and Diana goes over to him and wraps her arm around him like, “Look at this, this is how it’s done.” I just don’t get why everything he did was geared toward either copying DD or insulting them. Like be more original dude.  I think this shows that he is just doing what he feels will win, even if that means copying the team you are battling. That’s whack!

So the time comes for the awards ceremony. In the pompom competition, ID came in third place and DD came in first place. And of course the Dancing Dolls won first place. “Pick ya face up.”

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John eats his words and says that they are coming back. They did their best. Um okay John. I mean come on, do you really think the judges don’t know DD’S moves too. Do better boo, boo.

I’m not going to lie, this week I was on edge and I have never wanted the Dancing Dolls to win as much as I did against ID.