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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Tension With Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family Tension With Nick Gordon

bobbi kristina browns world unfolds after coma 2015

Sadly, more odd news keeps seeping out about Bobbi Kristina Brown’s world as she remains in a medically induced coma, leaving doctors no choice but to wait and see if she will regain consciousness. Rumors are coming everywhere from drugs being found at a second police search in her home, to associations with convicted drug distributors, and now restraining orders taken out against Nick Gordon, who many thought was Bobbi Kristina’s husband until this week.

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family hoped that prayers would help see her through, but People reported today that doctor’s have informed them there is nothing more they can do for actress/singer Whitney Houston’s daughter.

Late Wednesday evening, the family received the news while tensions among them have grown worse after Brown was moved from North Fulton Hospital to Emory University Hosptial in Atlanta, GA. A family member said:

“Everyone is coming to the hospital to say goodbye. Bobby [Brown] has been crying nonstop since yesterday. What’s worse is that if you saw her, you’d think she was just sleeping peacefully.”

Yesterday, we reported that Bobby Brown‘s attorney confirmed that Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon were not married, and that it had never been the case. Now more news has surfaced the both the Brown and the Houston family aren’t on good terms with Gordon.

bobbi kristina brown with not husband nick gordon 2015

Marion “Pat” Houston, who is married to Whitney Houston’s brother and is responsible for the trust fund left for Bobbi Kristina issued a restraining order against Gordon, who was then 19, back in March 2014.

According to court documents, she claimed Nick “made threatening comments and posted photos of guns with the intention of making petitioner fearful for her personal safety.”

Family members have said that he was frequently asking Pat for an increase in Bobbi Kristina’s monthly allowance, leading family members to believe that he was just after her money. The family has never kept it quiet that they disapproved of the couple’s relationship since they were raised as brother and sister when Whitney Houston raised him as her own. They feel that this extremely close bond allows him to take advantage of Bobbi Kristina.

“He’s one of the only people who can actually get through to her sometimes, and I think he sometimes uses that to his advantage,” a family member told People in 2012.

While the family dysfunction swirls around her, Bobbi Kristina remains in a medically induced coma after being found unconscious facedown in a bathtub full of water on Jan. 31. Doctors are leaving it up to the family to decide how long they want to keep her on a ventilator.

Currently, police are considering this a medical incident, Spokesperson Lisa Holland said. She went further to say that investigators had found nothing to indicate it was drug or alcohol related.

Bobbi Kristina Browns Sage Continues To Grow

Contrary to this statement, TMZ reported yesterday that unnamed family members have confirmed that over the weekend, the police went back to search the home more thoroughly, and unlike the first time, they found and seized several items.

The police will not confirm this, but family members are saying otherwise. Unnamed law enforcement officials have also confirmed to TMZ that they believed from the beginning that drugs were the only explanation for Bobbi Kristina ending up facedown in a bathtub full of water similar to her mother, actress/singer Whitney Houston nearly three years ago. The police source stated that they didn’t find anything in their preliminary investigation because they were only looking for things “out in the open”. The second time was much more thorough.

This sad incident comes less two weeks away before the third anniversary of Whitney Houston’s death on Feb. 11, at the Beverly Hilton just hours before she was to attend a pre-Grammys bash.

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