BIG BROTHER Second Round Of House Guests Move In

big brother season 17

big brother season 17 house guests 2015On Thursday night’s Big Brother 17 the remaining house guests were introduced to viewers. Julie Chen brought them out and said she liked that they knew the game. That is when the remaining house guests found out that the other group of house guests are already living under one roof and getting to know each other. Julie then told them about the twists that were revealed on Wednesday night’s premiere. She also said one of the new house guests would b become the second head of household. Then she explained the BB takeover and sent the new house guests into the house in two groups of three.

BIG BROTHER premier house guests arrive 2015

  • Liz – She said she is feisty, has no filter and biggest problem in the house is going to be jealous girls.
  • Jason – His style is bright colors. He said he watches the feeds every summer.
  • Vanessa – She has won over $4.5 million playing poker. She has studied game theory at Duke, so she may be a real threat.
  • John – He is a rock star dentist, as he plays the guitar at night and cleans teeth at day. He wants a showmance and his relationships don’t last.
  • Becky – She loves the outdoors. She said she is fun and friendly and people trust her, so she can manipulate them.
  • Steve – He said he is probably the kid you cheated on your math exam during high school. He is a Superfan and drew a picture in fourth grade with a BB key around his neck and his dreams have come true!

They arrived at the Big Brother house and met the other guests. Austin said he felt like he was sea biscuit and Jason was his jockey. Audrey and Vanessa met and hugged. All of the house guests then set around the table, popped open a bottle of champagne and made their introductions. Da’vonne said John doesn’t seem like a dentist even though he is. Jace said that the more girls in the house that were single the more fun this would be for the guys. Vanessa said she is a DJ on Vegas even though she is a professional poker player. Da’vonne said Jason gave her a Pee Wee Herman vibe. Then they realized there were two empty seats at their table.

Julie Chen introduced Phil Cogen, host of the Amazing Race. She and Phil discussed that he was going to take over the game. Former Big Brother contestants have gone on to compete on the Amazing Race. Phil then said he was sending some Amazing Race contestants into the Big Brother house to compete. Jeff and Jackie, from Amazing Race season 26, will be the ones playing the game with the current house guests. Phil then went told the house guests about this particular takeover. Jace said Jackie will be like Archie’s Veronica. Jeff said that he was here to play the game solo.

big brother jason gay season 17 head of household 2015The house guests were called to the living room to crown the second head of household. One guest from tonight’s new group was chosen to sit out of the challenge that determines who becomes the second head of household. The challenge was called UFO No. The house guests had to hold onto a stake tightly enough that the UFO would not be able to take them. Jeff said it felt like they were being pulled by an 18-wheeler. Steve said he didn’t want to win this challenge because it would put a target on him for eviction. He said he wanted to end the challenge by not being on the top or the bottom. Dirty tomato juice was then squirted on the competing house guests. Jeff said he was using muscles he didn’t know he had and his feet were throbbing. Steve was the first one to get sucked up by the UFO. Jeff was the second house guest to lose the challenge. John was the third one the UFO sucked up. Becky said the challenge was a lot harder than she thought it would be. She then became the fourth one to lose the challenge. Liz became the fifth one to be eliminated from becoming head of household. Jason and Jackie were the last two housemates competing in the challenge. Jackie was then eliminated and Jason became the second head of household.