BIG BROTHER 1709 James & John On Block

austin shirtless tattoo for big brother 1709 john james

big brother 1709 james john evict nominations 2015On last night’s episode of Big Brother, Audrey said there was bad blood between herself and Vanessa. Julia confessed to Vanessa that she is playing the game with her twin. Vanessa said they needed to get Shelli on her side because she believes Shelli trusts her. Shelli said she was going to help both Liz and Julia in the game and that it was more fun now.

Vanessa told Austin Julia is a twin, which Austin hadn’t realized. He said he understood now why his connection with Liz kept appearing and disappearing. Clay called Austin completely clueless. Julia said now that the secret is out she and Liz can preserve their position in the house. Meg said Audrey needs to be the one evicted this week.

Jason said he could be easy for Austin and Vanessa to put up for eviction because he hasn’t talked to the tow of them. Austin said that now that Julia has revealed she and her twin are playing the game he is going to help Julia even more than he has been. Jeff said maybe Audrey could be gotten rid of now that Vanessa and Austin are heads of household. James said Vanessa is a jack of all trades and he doesn’t know what to think of her. Austin said if Audrey was eliminated this week he would be the next target. Vanessa said James is the only one in the house she dislikes and she might put him up for eviction this week.

Pictures of the housemates when they were younger were put in the house. Austin said Clay Aiken is his favorite artists and that his music touches him inside. Julia and Liz then switched with Liz going into the house and Julia disappearing. Julia told,d Liz to stay away from Jason, James and Jeff. Liz said Austin and Vanessa are her two best friends in the house and now she and Julia are safe for the week. Vanessa said they wanted to keep it a secret that Liz and Julia are playing the game alternately. Shelli called Liz her sorority sister and said she was totally awesome.

John said that he suspected Liz looked different at times so John, James and Jeff went to talk to her. Liz told Jeff he was acting weird. Jeff started to figure out that Liz is a twin and Austin said he thought he knew more about it than Jeff did. Austin said Jeff was trying to figure out if Liz was a twin so Austin was going to need to protect her. John said he’d do what the heads of household told him to.
austin shirtless tattoo for big brother 1709 john jamesAustin nominated Meg and Jason for eviction this week. Austin said he wanted Meg to prove herself and for Jason to do the best he could this week. Vanessa nominated James and John for eviction. Jason said he was pissed and was not feeling safe at all. James said it was rough being nominated for eviction with John. Meg was pissed off but Jeff told her not to worry. Austin talked to Jason and Meg about Audrey. Jason said he and Meg were the most feminine weaklings in the game. Jason said that he doesn’t trust any of the male house guests, especially Austin.

This week’s Battle of the Block was for the house guests to find a missing object and give it to the people in the maze foam. John said he was going to throw this challenge but didn’t want the other house mates to know what he was doing. Jason said he couldn’t see where he was going in the maze and couldn’t breathe well. Austin said John was doing what he promised Austin he would do. Jason said he and Meg were communicating well in this challenge. Meg and Jason won Battle of the Block for the week, which Meg said felt amazing. Vanessa was relieved she could remain head of household. Austin lost his head of household position and Austin said now he could execute the plan he and Vanessa created.