‘Big Bang Thoery’ 910 Earworms & Sheldon’s Kiss

Big Bang Thoery' 910 sheldons earworms kiss images

big bang theory 910 earworms shedlons kiss 2015 imagesOn this week’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” Sheldon filmed himself in the middle of the night stating that he was struggling to keep himself dry and keep his grip on reality. Two days before he filmed the video he and Leonard pointed out Sheldon was humming a song. Leonard then asked what song he was humming, and Sheldon became preoccupied with trying to figure it out. Sheldon called the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to hum the song for them and ask them what it was, but they didn’t give him an answer.

He said something was wrong with him because he couldn’t remember the name of the song he had been humming. Sheldon thought he was going mad.

Amy called Dave and asked him out to dinner, which he said yes to right away.

At Howard’s lab he and Raj talked about the Facebook fan page Raj set up for the band he started with Howard in Stuart’s comic book shop. Howard accused Raj of trying to take over the band. Raj said someone joined their Facebook page, and he was a fan.

Sheldon played a keyboard trying to help him remember the name of the song. Penny told him to take a break and do something else for awhile. Sheldon then started filming himself and stating everything his brain needed to know for the future. Then he filmed Penny and said she was a friend and any food she gave him was safe to eat and he had probably paid for it anyway.

Bernadette asked Amy why she was going on a date with Dave when she spent an entire day talking about how much she loves Sheldon. Amy said Dave was coming over for dinner, and Bernadette said that was a big step and asked Amy if she was sure she wanted to be with Dave.

Raj and Howard talked about posting a response to the fan that posted on their Facebook page. Howard told him to write something badass in response. The fan liked the comment they posted.

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As Penny and Leonard tried to sleep, Sheldon’s keyboard playing kept them awake, and Penny asked Leonard to talk to him but Leonard told Penny to do it. Penny went into Sheldo9n’s room and took the keyboard away, then went back to bed. Sheldon then started playing a tuba.

The next day Sheldon continued to film himself leaving his future self-messages. Then he filmed Leonard and called him his best friend in the world.

At Howard and Bernadette’s house, Howard and Raj talked about their fan, Trent. Bernadette asked them who they were talking about. After Trent posted he was at a coffee shop Raj said they should go to the coffee shop to meet him.

During dinner with Dave, Amy and Dave talked about Dave’s ex-wife. Amy said she was thinking of moving since she didn’t need to live so close to Sheldon anymore.

At Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, Sheldon hummed all through dinner with Leonard and Penny. They talked about crazy geniuses, and that helped Sheldon realize the song he had been humming was a Beach Boy‘s song.

Howard and Raj went to the coffee shop and spotted Trent, but waited for him to approach them. Then Trent picked his nose and Howard, and Raj were grossed out. As the left, Trent tried to talk to them but they wouldn’t.

Sheldon figured out the Beach Boy’s song he had been humming reminded him of Amy, and that’s why it had been on his mind constantly. Sheldon then left the apartment.

At Amy’s apartment, she and Dave sat in awkward silence after dinner. They talked about his tie clip, and Amy said it was neat and tried to touch it, but Dave freaked out. Amy said she was nervous, and Dave said there was no reason to be. Just as Amy was about to kiss Dave, Sheldon knocked on the door and called out her name. When she answered the door, he told her about the song. Sheldon said he wanted to be Amy’s boyfriend again, and they told each other they loved each other. Then they embraced and shared a deep kiss. As they continued to make out, Dave left the apartment.