Best Valentine’s Day Bath, Beauty and Body gift ideas

Best valentines day bath beauty and body gift ideas 2018 images

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying that special someone something really special or just showing yourself some TLC. It’s a wonderful time of the year to feel some love, even if it’s learning to love yourself which can be much harder than you think for some of us.

We’ve compiled an interesting mix of bath, beauty, and body gift ideas that will surely bring a smile and plenty of special love. We hit on all budgets so whatever you want or can spend; we’ve got it here.

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moderntropic luxury bamboo bathtub caddy tray valentines day gifts 2018

ModernTropic Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy and Tray

There is nothing more soothing after a long day than relaxing in a warm candle-lit bath with a glass of wine and a favorite book or even a movie. The ModernTropic Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy and Tray can put all those relaxation tools right at your fingertips while you soak away all the day’s tension.

This bathtub caddy is made of 100% bamboo and has an anti-slip rubber grip and is coated with water and mold proof lacquer.

The caddy is extendable from 29.25 inches to 43 inches. This caddy makes a perfect gift, but be sure to include a beautiful and aromatic candle as an add-on.

There is a built-in spot for a wine glass and candle, a chrome book support, and a removable tray in which you can place bath accessories, such as a bath cloth, soaps, and other small items. There is even a slot for your cell phone.


Users have several great things to say about this bamboo bathtub caddy and tray. They like the fact that it doesn’t discolor or warp even when it gets damp. It folds up nicely allowing you to store it between uses, and it is perfect for holding everything you need within easy and convenient reach while unwinding in a warm bath.


While most of the people who bought or were gifted with this bathtub caddy and tray loved it, 10% of the people were really disappointed with it. There were two major complaints. Some people stated that the grips holding the caddy did not work well and the caddy fell into the tub. That would be terrible if your phone was sitting in the slot.

Other users found that the caddy broke within a few uses or arrived broken.

ModernTopic Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy review images


The majority of people who got this bamboo bathtub caddy and tray really like it and find it works well. However, the problems a few people experienced mean that you should wait before trusting your phone or anything breakable on this tray until you are sure that it’s going to grip well and won’t break.

If you are looking to give this caddy to that special person in your life, you can make it a more romantic gift by including a scented candle, some nice bubble bath, and a lovely bottle of wine with a special hand painted wine glass. Those extras will make the gift more complete and romantic. Check out the great deals here on this one.

Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Eyeshadow Set — The Bloodroses Palette valentines day gift ideas

Kevyn Aucoin The Essential Eyeshadow Set — The Bloodroses Palette

Inspired by Aucoin’s cult-favorite Bloodroses lipstick (a deep Bordeaux shade that the famous makeup artist reportedly created to work on every skin tone), this palette contains five velvety powder shadows—three various shade of rose (pale, magenta, and blood rose, of course), plus a champagne and shimmery pink-tinged taupe. Check out Kevyn’s Aucoin’s eyeshadow set here.

Chanel Poudre À Lèvres

Inspired by the trick used by makeup artists to create a bright lip color, this limited-edition eyeshadow from Chanel’s Spring 2018 collection is meant for your lips. The duo, which comes in three red and pink shades, includes a lip balm and powdered pigment to help create the ultimate velvety texture. You can find a great price on this limited-edition Chanel here.

Slipsilk Red Kisses Pure Silk Sleep Mask valentines day gift ideas

Slip Red Kisses Pure Silk Sleep Mask

Giving your partner a designated toothbrush at your place is like giving a mouse a cookie. Soon, they’re gonna want a skin-care shelf, and an underwear drawer, and their brand of coffee in the pantry… But you can’t delay the inevitable for long. A silk sleep mask is a very small next step that says “you’re a prince/princess who deserves uninterrupted sleep” — who wouldn’t swoon over that? Here’s the best place to find the perfect sleep mask for her or him.

Tatcha Camellia Kisses Lip Balm Trio valentines day gift ideas

Tatcha Camellia Kisses Lip Balm Trio

These balms, infused with a touch of color, softening camellia oil, and (entirely necessary) 23-karat gold, are enough to convince even the most diehard Lip Kit lover to put down the long-wear tube. Because nothing’s worse than getting red lipstick all over your face — no matter how much you like the person.

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IV Eyeshadow Palette - Decadence hot valentines day gift ideas

Pat McGrath Labs Mothership IV Eyeshadow Palette – Decadence

Ferragamo Amo valentines day hot giftsFerragamo Amo valentines day hot gifts

Look, if someone’s expecting a diamond ring and they get an eyeshadow palette, they’re not going to be pleased — even if it’s the coolest, most in-demand (seriously, everyone wants this) palette from the best makeup artist in the game. But, if you set the stage for an evening of surprises, making clear that this is just one of them, you’re going to score huge points. Check out the Decadence here.

Ferragamo Amo

Let Ferragamo test the waters for you. The Italian house’s newest fragrance smells like a fresh cocktail (that’d be the Campari accord) served alongside a sophisticated dessert (vanilla tahitensis), but it’s not overly indulgent. It’s fun and young and sparkly… just like falling in love should be. If you’re on a budget, you can find it here.

herbivore botanicals bath salts set hot valentines gifts

Herbivore Botanicals Bath Salts Set

Why use just one kind of bath salts, when you can use two? This sea salt set from Herbivore, which is sourced from the Pacific Ocean, comes with a Cambrian blue clay blend to detoxify your body and one with Himalayan pink salts to relax your mind. Find the Herbivore Botanicals set here.

Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask + Leave-In Conditioner Set valentines day gift ideas

Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask + Leave-In Conditioner Set
Surprise them with this chic set of reparative products that’ll leave hair stronger, softer, and smelling so good, you’ll want to get all tangled up in it when you cuddle to sleep. (But you know better than to fall into that trap again.) Here’s where you can get this one.

Mullein & Sparrow Rose Trio valentines day best gift ideas her

Mullein & Sparrow Rose Trio
Assuming you’ve thoroughly weighed the pros and cons of pulling the cord before the 14th versus waiting until all the candy is 75% off, and you’ve come to the conclusion that buying a gift is still the right move, the spa route is the way to go. Because the only people who love soaking in luxurious rose petal baths more than happy people are sad people. For everything Mullein & Sparrow check here.

Calvin Klein Graceful Women’s Quartz Watch K1P23520

Are you looking for the perfect stylish, useful, and elegant piece of jewelry to give to your special lady on Valentine’s Day or on another special occasion?

Does she like wearing a watch, but perhaps she thinks that most of them are too clunky or ugly to suit her?

Look no further than this Calvin Klein Graceful Women’s Quartz Watch (K2Z2S616) as an excellent choice.

This watch is a delicate-looking bracelet watch made from stainless steel coated with yellow gold PVD.

  • It is a battery powered Swiss quartz watch with a jewelry clasp.
  • It is water resistant up to 30 meters.
  • It has a 2-year warranty.

Look at how extremely elegant and feminine looking this watch is. Imagine how gorgeous it will look on the wrist of your lady. She’ll be able to wear it with both formal attire and blue jeans.


Calvin Klein watches are considered very good quality for the price. Buying a designer watch for $128 is a very good deal. Your lady will surely be thrilled to wear a designer watch that looks great and works well.


The clasp can be difficult to secure.

This watch is meant to be feminine, so isn’t as sturdy as watches with wider, stronger bands, but that’s just a trade-off for the feminine aspect.

Calvin Klein Graceful Women's Quartz Watch great valentines day gifts 2018


This gold-covered stainless-steel Calvin Klein Graceful Women’s Quartz Watch is an elegant and sophisticated bracelet watch that makes a perfect gift for a woman who likes jewelry and likes wearing a watch.

The shape of the circles in the band and the circle that goes around the watch face make this watch look ultra feminine and sophisticated.

Since the bracelet is made from stainless steel, it is likely to hold up to normal wear. You can get this Calvin Klein classic here.

valentines day hot for her Premium Deluxe Bath and Body Gift Set

Premium Deluxe Bath and Body Gift Set

If you are looking for a romantic gift for the woman in your life, turning her bath into a spa with this Deluxe Bath and Body gift set is sure to touch her heart and relax her body. Throw in a nice thick soft Turkish towel and a personal massage to make your lady feel pampered and loved.

The Right Features to Help Her Relax

This bath and body gift set has all the right features to provide for a relaxing afternoon. The set includes everything a woman needs for a complete spa experience by offering a number of products made for Chamomile and Lavender essential oils. Included in the basket are:

  • Hand mitts
  • Back scrubber
  • Brush
  • Pumice and Exfoliating Bath Pouf
  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Bubble bath
  • Aromatherapy bath salts
  • Bath caviar
  • Handmade soap
  • Hand cream
  • Body butter
  • Lavender/chamomile body mist
  • Spa Slippers
  • Wooden reflexology stick


There are enough skin care products in this set to give anyone a very realistic spa experience. Most users who received this basket as a gift stated that they loved the relaxing scent and that using the products brightened their day. There are plenty of items in this gift set, which means that users can have several relaxing spa days making for a gift that keeps on giving.


The vast majority of people who bought or received this Premium Deluxe Bath and Body set really liked and enjoyed it, but a few people felt that some of the products in the basket looked cheap. Some even substituted the items they didn’t like with others they felt more fitting.

Premium Deluxe Bath And Body Gift Set valentines day gift ideas


If you are looking for a great way to pamper the woman in your life for Valentine’s, birthday, or Mother’s day, then this Premium Deluxe Bath and Body Set may fit the bill. Although there are a few items that aren’t top quality, the overall quality of the majority of items in this basket make the basket well worth the price.

Do keep in mind that you can throw in a few extras, such as a thick towel, a nice fluffy bathrobe, and a relaxing glass of wine to make the spa experience complete. You can get this sweet basket here or find a lux spa basket more to your liking here.