The Best Surprise Holiday Gifts for Valentine’s Season

The Best Surprise Holiday Gifts for Valentines season 2018 images

It’s Valentine’s season! Yes, for those that Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t have to end on February 15. Why not extend the season of love!

That January Christmas regret is finally petering away, and everyone’s got some spare money to save and spend again. But how can you find that perfect romantic getaway on a budget, you’re wondering? Well if you’re fed up with buying travel-themed gifts only for that special someone who happens to be vacation-crazy, why not surprise them with a vacation gift? We do know that not all places are made equal, particularly when it comes to cost, so here we’ll be breaking down our top six choices of cities for a romantic or semi-romantic getaway, so you know just what to do and how much it’s going to cost.

rome romantic getaway valentines dayRome

Rome, the seat of the ancient Roman empire, is truly a historic city. As the legends depict the city was founded in 753BC by Romulus and has grown for thousands of years since, defining civilizations and witnessing some of the most moving events on earth. Where Caesar walked Michelangelo followed and all the romance and art from the classic renaissance period and more are waiting for you to discover them.

The average cost per person per day in Rome is roughly $150, with half of that going on accommodation, just over half of what’s left going on food and the rest spread equally over transportation, entertainment, and souvenirs.

All the big attractions of Rome, such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and so on are well worthwhile, as are day trips outwards to Pompeii, Tuscany and a whole host of other historic sites, all nestled among the lush and sunny Italian countryside. Overall Rome is a beautiful Palladian city of choices that appeal to both the adventurous and the more relaxed, hence its spot on this list.

romantic san francisco vacation valentines day

San Francisco

If travelling all the way to Europe isn’t an option, San Francisco is well known as one of America’s most romantic cities. Although accommodation costs more than Rome the food and transport are both cheaper. Don’t let the price fool you though as the San Francisco food scene is one of the most exciting spots in all of America! Alongside the incredibly varied cuisine available stands Silicon Valley, Bay area organic markets and live music celebrations that run alongside summer food trucks.

The nightlife too is ablaze with live music of every type from pop to Jazz and, should something a little more subtle be to your taste, some of the finest cocktail bars in the country can be found hidden away in its clutches. Look up San Francisco for calm days and exciting nights, it’s the perfect excursion for you and your partner.

romantic paris vacation getaway valentines day


Paris has stood as a leading capital of Romanticism for hundreds of years. If full glamour is more your style, then Europe’s Capital of Love aim’s to please. As with most major European cities all the major historic sites are there for you to find; Notre Dame, The Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre museum which all offer stunning views. But too, Paris is a city of wine and fashion. It is the ideal place to spend your time leisurely, shopping, dining, sleeping and then doing it all again.

Admittedly Paris can be quite expensive with accommodation costing over $135 and most of the sights cost a lot to see, but the alcohol is cheap and what matters more on a romantic weekend out? And although you can’t leave a love lock anymore there are many other romantic opportunities in Paris, from cute cafés or wine bars hidden down small alleys to reaching the Champagne bar and beautiful view at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

romantic las vegas vacation getaway valentines day

Las Vegas

See Valentine’s does not have to be mushy. You can get the whole Sin City Casino experience through casino bonus site Oddschecker, which recommends Leo Vegas as the best online casino platform, but the cool about Vegas which people often forget is that it’s not all casinos. If you’re looking for an active holiday full of trips and excursions, and if you don’t mind basking in the sun all day long, then Vegas is for you.

Red Rock Canyon, the Bellagio Conservato gardens, the Cirque du Soleil, skydiving, burlesque shows, helicopter tours, shooting ranges, exotic car or heavy work-vehicle driving experiences. Vegas is just a big playground and has it all!

The drawback is that it all costs a lot of money. With accommodation prices equal to Paris and food prices far higher you’ve got to be prepared with around $250 per person per day as an average budget. You can always save some money by researching and booking the activities you want to do in advance.

romantic dublin vacation getaway valentines day


Originally a Viking settlement founded in 834 Dublin has changed significantly, becoming a beautiful melting pot of castles, cathedrals, brick pubs and corner shops completely unique to the British Isles. If you’re looking to explore then you may find the Guinness Storehouse or Dublin Zoo to your liking, the National Botanic Gardens and the National Gallery of Ireland offer more opportunity for contemplation and discussion. Dublin Bay or one of the city’s many markets offer a far more romantic opportunity to soak in the sights together and to taste some traditional Irish cuisine.

Ireland is remarkably cheap too, with only $66 average per person per day for accommodation, cheap transport and not incredibly expensive food the most expensive part of your trip is probably going to be your flights, which will take you practically to your hotel’s doorstep.

romantic kyoto vacation getaway valentines day


The tranquil and historic Japanese city of Kyoto takes the last spot on our list. On a Romantic tour of the city you’ll want to check out the Togetsykyo Bridge (The Moon Crossing Bridge), which is famous for its scenic beauty; the Sagano Romantic Railway, a sightseeing train which takes you through the lush, green and seemingly untamed areas of Arashiyama-Sagano; and the Nonomiya Shrine which can be found in the middle of the Sagano Bamboo forest, while there you could consider saying a prayer to Nonomiya Daikokuten, the Kami (Japanese folkloric-deity) of love and matchmaking.

Kyoto is surprisingly the cheapest destination on our list, thanks to currently strong US Dollar to Japanese Yen (¥) conversion rates; accommodation will cost you around $50 per person per night while food can vary wildly from inexpensive street food (particularly off of the beaten track) to incredibly expensive tourist-restaurants.

There are other cities too, some favorites that didn’t quite make it on the list such as Prague, London or St Petersburg are also well worth looking in to. Each city has its own character, so the key is finding the one that suits your partner’s interests the best. Also, if you’re worried about footing the bill yourself simply surprise your partner with the suggestion of a city holiday, if you can show you’ve put some research into an experience that both of you will enjoy, they’ll surely be open to suggestions and willing to chip in for such an amazing experience! Good luck and happy holiday season of love!