Batmobile DC Collectible Review: 2015 Hottest Xmas Geek Toys

batman batmobile collectible review 2015

If there is one item that a Batman fan would like to have (aside from a Batman action figure, of course), it would be the Batmobile. Luckily for fans, DC Collectibles is releasing the Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series, and it is turning out to be the ultimate version of the bat car.

How Much?

DC Collectibles is said to attach a $99.99 price tag to this batmobile.

Who Would Buy The Batmobile DC Collectible

Fans of Batman: The Animated Series and avid followers of the Batman franchise, as a whole, are most likely on tenterhooks waiting for the November release of this DC collectible. Older generations who grew up watching the animated series, and even the younger ones that are interested about the earlier Batman releases, are definitely going to be buying this particular release from DC Collectibles.

batmobile 2015 hottest geek toysThings We Like About The Batmobile DC Collectible from Batman

Over the years (and many film adaptations later), the Batmobile has undergone a lot of changes. No one can deny, however, that the original representation from The Animated Series remains to be THE classic Batmobile. And that’s exactly what we are getting from this latest collectible from DC.

It is an exact replica of the vehicle we all loved from The Animated Series, albeit a miniature one. It is 24 inches long, and is scaled to fit two 6-inch figures. So if you have 6-inch Batman and Robin figures lying around, you just got the perfect set of wheels for them!

This Batmobile is made of highly durable PVS materials. It also comes with both interior and exterior lights and, get this: the lights actually work! The wheels are also made to move independently, and it has brakes, too! These touches of realism are more reasons why this is a must-have collectible.

Things We Did Not Like About The Batmobile DC Collectible

This Batman collectible is battery-operated. Unfortunately, you have to purchase the batteries separately. But, other than that trivial issue, we love everything about this Batmobile.


DC Collectibles have always been known for the high quality of products they churn out, and we expect the Batmobile to be no different. Although details regarding the applicable warranty for this product have not yet been released, we can count on DC collectibles to provide enough protection for buyers.

Is The Batmobile DC Collectible Worth The Money?

There are many versions of the Batmobile going around, but if you are going to spend your money on one, pick the best. This DC Collectible is, without a doubt, the best one so far.

batmobile back 2015 hottest geek toys imagesWhere Can I Buy The Batmobile DC Collectible?

You can watch for this collectible at the official store of DC Collectibles. However, you may also preorder it from other authorized retailers. Amazon already has this product for preorder, and you can even avail of their free shipping! That’s a lot of savings that you shouldn’t ignore. Keep checking here for your best deals with the holidays coming.

Final Thoughts For The Batmobile DC Collectible

Your Batman collection will not be complete without his one-of-a-kind Batmobile!