‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 308 Twins ditch while Caila Quinn withers

haley and emily twins leave bachelor in paradise

'Bachelor in Paradise' 308 Twins ditch while Caila Quinn withers 2016 images

On this week’s first installment of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise, a bachelor lets their temper get the best of them. Meanwhile, a jealous bachelorette has a hard time getting past old feelings.

Picking up from where we left off last week, Ashley is seen having a one-on-one conversation with Jared’s new love interest Caila. Caila, in the politest way possible, tells Ashley to stop butting into her relationship with Jared. Unfortunately, this conversation doesn’t end well, as Ashley leaves it with even more built up anger towards her fellow bachelorette. Shortly after, Jared has a private conversation with Ashley and explains to her that he seriously wants to pursue his relationship with Caila. He tries to comfort her, while secretly wishing that some guy would arrive in paradise and get Ashley off his back.

wells adams pops into bachelor in paradise 308

Not long after, Wells Adams from Jojo Fletcher’s season steps into paradise. As per usual, Wells go off talking to a few of the cast mates in order to figure out whom he should ask out with his date card. Inevitably, almost everyone (especially Jared and Caila) advise Wells to ask Ashley out – which he ends up doing.

ashley and wells kissing bachelor in paradise

On their date, Ashley and Wells go for a late night, romantic dinner. Here, Wells asks Ashley about her complicated relationship with Jared. Ashley explains that while she did have a hard time seeing Jared with Caila, she is trying to move on and build a connection with someone. She also went on to assure Wells that he wasn’t merely a pawn in some underlying plan to get Jared jealous. Wells and Ashley bond over their love of dogs and seem to genuinely have a good time on their date together.

Although they have been fairly solid since the start, Grant and Lace encounter a bit of a hiccup. When Lace gets a bit too close with Carl, Grant calls her “disrespectful,” which triggers a full on argument. Lace ends up telling Grant that she thinks it may be time for her to “fall in love with someone else.” However, they wind up talking things through and making up.

daniel maguire out bachelor in paradise with carl and ryan

This week’s rose ceremony arrives, and many of the roses are exchanged between the same people as last week. Lace gives hers to Grant, Carly gives hers to Evan, Jen gives hers to Nick, Caila gives hers to Jared, and Amanda gives hers to Josh. After breaking Vinny’s heart last week, Izzy hands her rose to her new man Brett and Ashley happily awards hers to Wells. When Haley gets ready to hand out her rose, she calls up her twin sister Emily. She explains that it isn’t fair for her and her sister to hand out their roses, as they have not come close to finding love in paradise. With Haley and Emily’s decision not to hand out their roses, Daniel, Carl and Ryan are sent packing.

The twins decide to leave paradise. However, they make a point of pulling Amanda aside before leaving. Haley and Emily proceed to warn Amanda about her man Josh, bringing up the allegations of his abusive past and anger issues described in his ex Andi Dorfman’s tell-all book.

josh yell about amanda on bachelor in paradise

Not surprisingly, Amanda basically turns around and relays all that the twins said to her to Josh. A notably angry Josh gathers the group together and asks which of them has been “accusing [him] of being fake.” Not long after, Nick fesses up, telling Josh that the twins “asked [him his] opinion, and [he] said, ‘Listen, I have my doubts. Honestly, sometimes I think [Josh is] full of s***.’” Rightfully, Josh is not happy to hear Nick’s statement, but hearing it come from Nick adds insult to injury. Josh yells back at Nick, “Just because [Amanda] doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you have to hurt our relationship.” Following his huge outburst, Josh stomps up to his room and begins to pack his bags. He explains, “I’m here for Amanda, and if she does not believe anything, I’m out.”

Meanwhile, Amanda is seen talking to some of the other women about the situation. She confesses that people have come up to her on four separate occasions to warn her about Josh (Evan, Carly, Nick and now the twins). In confessional, Amanda admits that she can’t just ignore the twins’ warning, as they have become her really good friends while in paradise.

bachelor in paradise josh and amanda skittle kiss

Nevertheless, Amanda ends up talking with Josh and tells him that she completely trusts him. She even apologizes to him, saying that she is sorry for “questioning [him].” Despite already packing his bags, Josh tells Amanda that he will stay in paradise for her.

The day after Josh’s big blowout, Jami Letain from Ben Higgins’ season arrives in paradise. While walking down the staircase leading into the casts’ accommodations, Jami confesses that she is hoping to meet Wells. Conveniently enough, Jami walks in and is greeted solely by Wells – as he is the only one actually awake after the drama fest the night before. After a bit of small talk, Jami jumps the gun and asks Wells to join her on her date.

Ashley finally awakens from her slumber and arrives into the main area of camp, where all of the other cast mates are anxiously waiting to see her reaction when she finds out that Wells went on a date with Jami. Nick winds up being the bearer of bad news, as he tells her that Wells was the only one around when Jami came in with her date card. However, instead of blowing up like everyone thought she would, Ashley merely chirps out, “I’m fine – I’m not that worried.” Ashley explains that she is confident in the connection she established with Wells.

bachelor in paradise wells wtih ami

Unfortunately for Ashley, Wells and Jami have a great time on their date. They go off-roading and then spend some romantic time right beside a beautiful waterfall.

While Ashley was able to maintain her composure when it came to Jami and Wells, the same can’t quite be said about her and Jared [and Caila]. With Wells off on a date, Ashley finds herself once again hovering over Caila and Jared. She pulls Caila to the side and asks her not to “full on make out” with Jared in front of her. Caila asks Ashley whether she felt it was unfair for her to go on a date with Jared. Ashley explains to her that that based on what she had said prior to coming on the show (that Jared wasn’t her type), what she did was definitely hurtful. Caila then bluntly asks, “Do you want me to go home?” In confessional, Caila says that she feels she is unable to grow in her relationship with Jared because of Ashley’s presence. Emotionally she states, “I don’t feel comfortable whatsoever [in paradise]…I just want to go home.”

bachelor in paradise jared with ashley and caila again 2016

The episode ends with Caila telling Jared that she is finding it very hard to be in paradise with his ex Ashley around. She goes on to say that she has made the decision to leave.

You can catch more Bachelor in Paradise tomorrow, August 30th on ABC.