‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 307 Jade and Tanner mix or mess things up? Vinny cries and leaves

bachelor in paradise 307 jade and tanner mix or mess things up 2016 images

'Bachelor in Paradise' 307 Jade and Tanner mix or mess things up? Vinny cries and leaves 2016 images

In the second installment of this week’s Bachelor in Paradise, the drama continues between Vinny and Izzy. Meanwhile, former Bachelor in Paradise contestants-turned-married couple Jade and Tanner arrive in paradise to hand out a date card.

The episode kicked off with Vinny still standing outside of Izzy’s door, waiting to get some closure on their short-lived romance. All of the other cast mates are seen blabbing about the situation, as both Jared and Carly agree that Vinny and Izzy were clearly not on the same page. In confessional, Carly admits that the whole Vinny-Izzy thing is reminding her of what happened last summer between her and Kirk – who waited way too long to express the doubts he was feeling in regards to their relationship.

During his conversation with Izzy, Vinny confesses that he is very “hurt” by how she misled him. He tells Izzy that it seems as though she is throwing the last few weeks they have had together out the window based on Brett’s mere physical appearance. Izzy gets emotional, trying to explain that she is just being honest with both him and herself. While Izzy did repeatedly apologize to Vinny, he was still notably upset by the whole situation. So after completely breaking things off with Izzy, Vinny opted to leave paradise for good. On the car ride home, Vinny confesses to the camera that he feels as though he “got taken advantage of” by his former fling.

vincent venitiera bachelor in paradise season 307 leaves izzy

With Izzy crying and Vinny leaving paradise, the other cast members have a hard time processing all of the recent drama. However, this state of confusion is cut short as former Bachelor in Paradise stars Tanner and Jade show up. They arrive at the accommodations and reveal that they have a date card to give out. In confessional, Ashley admits that she is nervous that Caila and Jared may turn out to be the next Jade and Tanner (who are now happily married).

Jade and Tanner proceed to round up the different couples and single bachelors/bachelorettes in order to determine whom they should award the date card to. After talking with Carly and Evan, Tanner notes that Carly seems to be trying really hard to develop feelings with Evan – who, on the other hand, is clearly very interested in Carly. Jade and Tanner also talk with Lace and Grant, which ends up making it very clear that Grant is much further along in the development of his feelings than Lace is. Tanner even notes that Grant’s one-sided love proclamation (i.e. Lace hasn’t said it back) at week 4 is a “major red flag.”

Following their chat with Jade and Tanner, Grant expresses that he is a bit frustrated with how Lace is choosing to distance herself. In confessional, Lace admits that it is worrisome to her that Jade and Tanner didn’t seem to sense an instant connection between her and Grant.

With Josh and Amanda, Jade and Tanner are hesitant about giving them the date card. Tanner notes that it seems there may be an “ulterior motive” when it comes to Josh’s eagerness to get the date.

After a not so eventful sit down with Nick and Jen, Tanner and Jade interrogate Caila and Jared. Right off the bat, Tanner notices how happy Jared seems to be when he is around Caila – which is a lot different than what Jared was like last season when he was wrapped up in Ashley I. drama.

bachelor in paradise 307 ashley melts down over jared

When talking to the married couple, Ashley talks about her biggest hope and her biggest fear coming into paradise. Ashley confesses that she was secretly hoping Jared would fall for her and that she would be absolutely crushed if Caila and Jared wind up getting engaged by the end of their stint in paradise.

bachelor in paradise jared and caila 307

With all of the information they gathered, Jade and Tanner eventually award the date card to Caila and Jared. The duo ends up going on a romantic dinner date. At dinner, Jared talks candidly about everything that has been going on with Ashley. He says to Caila that while he “cares a lot” about Ashley and she is “a friend,” he really wants to continue to develop their relationship. He adds that when he is with her she is the only thing that is on his mind – not Ashley. After dinner, Jared and Caila strip down to their underwear and go for a romantic dip in the nearby lagoon.

The next day, Evan is given a date card and inevitably invites Carly to join him. In confessional, Carly admits that she is still waiting for an intimate connection to form between her and Evan. Their date ends up being in a steam-filled tee-pee, where they both open up about their feelings for one another. After being able to connect even further, Carly confesses, “it blows my mind that I like [Evan] so much.”

With Jared and Caila back at the main camp, Ashley decides to confront Jared about his new relationship. Although she claims she didn’t want to say anything, Ashley tells to Jared that it is obvious that he is more into Caila than she is into him. Jared says that he is aware of this, but he is trying to “work towards something” with Caila nonetheless. Ashley goes on to trash Caila, saying that she is simply looking for a “televised happily-ever-after,” regardless of whether it is authentic or not.

Following his conversation with Ashley, Jared decides to tell Caila about what she had said. He tries to play it down, but Caila gets upset about how much Ashley is budding into their business. Caila gets offended, as Jared explains that Ashley had warned him to be careful with his heart when getting involved with Caila.

Caila ends up talking one-on-one with Ashley on the beach. Ashley tells Caila that she is simply telling Jared what she has been hearing. Caila acknowledges this, but tells Ashley that she and Jared are still trying to figure out how to make Ashley “comfortable” given the situation. Inevitably, this does not sit well with Ashley – especially since Caila referred to her and Jared as “a we.”

In confessional, Caila admits that she doesn’t know if its “worth it” to continue things with Jared, seeing that Ashley continues to get in the way.

You can watch more Bachelor in Paradise next Monday, August 29 on ABC.