5 Questions for Connor Paton on ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Girlfriends Guide’

Connor Paton plays Marcus on the Supernatural episode of Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell – the guy who plans to ask his girlfriend to marry him whilst camping but unfortunately gets mauled by a hellhound. He has previously been on iZombie and Motive.

What did you enjoy most about acting on Supernatural?

What I enjoyed most about the filming process was probably all of the running around and getting dirty I had to do. I really enjoyed having to convey that there was really something coming after me.

What would you say was the most difficult part of your performance?

The hardest part of filming would have to of been having to stay completely still while playing a dead body in one of the scenes.

Tell us about filming in the forest, and being hunted by a hellhound.

The place where we shot my scenes (Ladner, B.C.) was beautiful that day. The fog and mist of the forest really made for a darker, more mysterious mood.

What was the funniest thing to happen while filming?

The funniest thing to happen while filming would have to be when I first met Jensen Ackles. He sat down next to me in the hair/makeup trailer, and after a couple minutes of silence, I asked: “So, what do you do here on the show…?” Him and the woman doing his makeup both look at me like “are you for real?” After a moment they realized I was kidding and laughed and we proceeded to have a good conversation.. for a moment though, I thought “uh-oh Connor, now you’ve really done it…”

Do you have any upcoming projects to share?
As far as my upcoming projects go, you can currently watch me on Girlfriends Guide to Divorce on Bravo.