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‘Walker’ gets defensive with Four Stones in Hand 1.15

Walker Four Stones in Hand slowed things down a bit for our FangasmSPN in an episode she could sink her PdD teeth into! Episode 1.15 review.

Why do movie adaptations of video games always flop?

Despite both mediums being iconic and popular, film and video games rarely successfully come together.

2021 TikTok Guide for Beginners

TikTok is the hottest new app for creators but it can be overwhelming to newcomers. We've created an easy TikTok guide for beginners to get you going.

‘Walker’ brings healing with Mehar’s Jacket 1.14

After Walker's action packed episode last week, Mehar's Jacket focuses on healing from Hoyt's death. FangasmSPN gives her take on 1.14 episode.

‘Walker’ brings all the action with Defend the Ranch 1.13

Walker Defend the Ranch brings in plenty of action while leaving plenty of questions for our FangasmSPN.

Facebook 2021: All you need to know from basics to advanced

Facebook has made some big changes in 2021 so we've created a new Facebooks basics guide for beginners to advanced users.

‘A Quiet Place II’ bounces back holding ‘In the Heights’ back

Hollywood was disappointed with the weekend box office as In the Heights didn't perform to expectations and A Quiet Place II hit number one again.

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