2015 Hot Holiday Kids Toys: Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike Review

tenergy rc moto racing atv drifter review 2015 imagesIf you enjoy the thrilling excitement of interacting with RC toys, then the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike is just for you!

RC toys have been around for quite a while, but they are more than just fun, they are a great learning tool that promotes outdoor play and family bonding. They provide children – and adults! – With a fantastic source of interactive entertainment that help to enhance creativity.

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Helps Learn the Basics

Like a real motorcycle, the RC needs to be properly maintained and this caring for the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike helps to learn the basics of being responsible. While some younger children will need assistance from an adult, the young person will gradually learn to look after the RC on their own.

The Steering

Steering the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike requires a great amount of hand-eye coordination. The excitement of an RC vehicle allows children to develop their hand-eye coordination in a fun way. When the youngster finally gets accustomed to using the controller, their reaction speed will begin to get faster and faster as time goes on.

So the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike is more than a toy – it’s a creative learning tool as well as fun!

The Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV (All terrain vehicle) Drifting Motorbike is a three wheel modern motorcycle that spins and drifts with a great stable remote controller. Pretend to ride the trails with this action packed RC! It is also well made and the material is very resilient and sturdy.

The remote control has a turning joystick on the right-hand side and a forward & reverse stick to the left. (It is similar to many video game controllers) It’s also easy to hold with easy to use controls.

2015 Hot Holiday Kids Toys Tenergy T100 110 Scale RC ATV 2015 imagesFEATURES
Tenergy RC ATV 1:10 Scale

Small screwdriver included
3 wheel modern design
Able to spin and drift
Stable Radio Remote Control


Vehicle battery (not included):                              5 x AA

Transmitter battery (not included):                        3 x AA

Product size:                                                             10.43 x 5.31 x 7.28”

Packing size:                                                                        14.76 x 9.45 x 10.24”

Package weight:                                                      2.45 pounds

EAN:                                                                           0844949026437

Manufacturer Recommended Age                                    14 years +

Note: To prevent interference of radio frequencies between multiple vehicles, please operate each vehicle on a different frequency or at a different time.


The Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike requires 8 AA batteries. If you are getting this as a gift, make sure to include at least 8 AA batteries and the motorbike can be out of the box and running in a couple of minutes.

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Some of the reviewers have noted that in deep piled carpets that the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike can sometimes spin and stick. If this happens simply move to a more suitable floor covering.

tenergy atv rc drifting motorbike action images 2015PROS

With battery operated RC’s you can plug in the batteries and you are ready to go – no waiting for the RC to charge! They are also cleaner than a nitro RC, certainly less expensive and a great introduction to driving an RC for a young person. The great novelty is that you can also buy the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike for an adult RC enthusiast or a motorbike enthusiast. (Certainly easy to get a thrill in inclement weather!)

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For the price and sturdy build the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike is certainly a good buy and can be the start of many years of a fantastic and thrilling hobby!


The reviews for the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike are very positive and certainly can handle the terrain as one reviewer states:

“The Trike is also very responsive and runs on a variety of surfaces. The best results for the vehicle are on pavement or tight low plush carpet, similar to oriental style rugs. The tyres work very well in those situations and the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike is very responsive. It holds up well and my husband has fun seeing how fast and tight he can make a curve without spilling it over. That is also where the drifting action comes into play. It is fun to get the bike moving, put it into turn, and let it slide sideways into a drift.”

Another reviewer also shows the versatility of the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike and how resilient it is:

“This is a unique R/C product that does more than a simple car would. It has a unique drifting motion as it leans left and right. I also loved how it could do extreme spins if you break very quickly. It is a good quality build that can take a major beating, I allowed mine to bang into walls and flip over multiple times and it kept going as if brand new.”

So the Tenergy T100 1:10 Scale R/C ATV Drifting Motorbike is a great gift or a great gift for any RC enthusiast young and old, beginner or intermediate. The cost is excellent and the robust material makes this an RC that will last and last! Check here for the best prices as they’ll keep changing throughout the holiday season.