10 Perfect Gift Ideas for New Moms All Year Long

Mother's Day comes just once a year. New moms are moms every day of the year.

10 perfect gifts for new moms any time of year 2019 images

New mothers are going through a lot right now.  Their whole world has turned upside down – for the good.  Now they are coming to terms with their new life.  Learning what their new normal is.

The new mom has many needs at this time.  Some of them she doesn’t even know how to express.  She has a lot of emotions going through her system.  Wonder and excitement of a new baby.  

Even though you’ve planned for this baby and knew it was coming into your life – you’re really not prepared for everything that entails. Especially, the lack of sleep. Everyone talks about it, but until you’ve gone through it, you just don’t realize how it takes a toll on your body, mind and soul.

If you’re still looking for a last minute Mother’s Day gift, you can check out our gift ideas here or else check out the full list for new moms here.

Here are some perfect gift ideas for new moms whether on Mother’s Day or any time of the year. You know she deserves it:

sleeping aids for new moms masks white noise machine

1. Sleeping aids

New moms are sleep deprived the first few years after they have a baby – especially when the baby is a newborn.  They nap when baby naps and then don’t sleep that well even during the night.  Always keeping an ear out for when the baby needs them to get up and take care of them.  

Anything to help new moms relax and sleep during the night will be appreciated.  Sleeping aids could be anything from masks to white noise machines.  Even lullabies for babies.

new moms luxury bath body spa set

2. Pampering Products

New mom bodies have gone through a huge change.  Being able to pamper yourself and appreciate the changes is essential for new moms to learn to love their new self.  Help them make this beautiful transition.  You can give her lotions, bath and body spa sets, lavender pillows or even a foot bath machine.  

When giving this type of present make sure you think about what stage the new mom is at.  She will not be able to use bath salts or bubble bath right after she gives birth.  But a soothing lotion would be a welcomed gift.

luxury food basket for new moms

3. Food Gifts

Any type of food gift will not go to waste.  Some days new moms struggle all throughout the day and then when it comes to dinner – they are exhausted from their new role.  

Freezer meals, a snack pack, an edible fruit bouquet or a gift basket full of food will come in handy during these times.  And let’s face it, as a new mom these days are often when you first bring your baby home.  Get her something that will be used.

new mom personalized gifts 2019

4. Personalized Gifts

As a new parent she’ll be proud being a mom.  She is sentimental and wants to experience the joy of her new role.  You can honor it by getting her a personalized gift. 

There are many options to choose from – picture frames with poems, birthstone jewelry, blankets with their children’s name and birth date printed on them and a hand print kit.  This is the type of gift that will be cherished and kept forever.

5. New Mom Mugs

If your new mom is a coffee or tea drinker, she will enjoy getting a new mug to add to her collection.  You can get her one that has a fun saying like, “I’m a mom – what’s your superpower?” 

Or there are several ways to add images to mugs.  This is a thoughtful gift that she will appreciate and cherish forever.

new mom inspirational gifts 2019

6. Inspirational Gifts

New moms are going through a lot and sometimes she needs so inspiration. There are plenty of ways to offer inspiration and motivation.

You can get her a book with inspirational stories, wall prints or a thoughtful letter that you write. She will appreciate the thought that you took.

7. Baby Items

You might not think this would be a good one, but her baby is growing and needs new clothes often.  Not only that, but the seasons change and with it she’ll have to buy the baby clothes that match the weather.  Getting a baby outfit is a great gift to give.

Perhaps a new mom’s survival kit.  Collect a whole bunch of different items that she’ll need – medicine, teething tablets, diapers, wipes, and teething toys are just a few.

new mommy picture frame gifts

8. Picture Frames

Another wonderful present is a picture frame or a digital one. Fill the frame with pictures of her new baby and she will enjoy this thoughtful gift.

They even have different shaped picture frames or cubes.  Add variety, so that she can take them to work and be able to look at them on her desk.

9. Flowers

Quite honestly if you’ve got a baby, you’re probably not thinking about things like flowers.  But for someone to give them to you on Mother’s Day is a great gift.

They have so many different colors and types of flowers.  Purchase a set of flowers that has a baby shoe as a vase to make it stand out.

luxury cozy throw blanket for new mom gifts 2019

10. Cozy Throw Blankets

Getting up multiple times a night comes with the territory of having a baby. Sometimes they’ll wake up and need the comfort of mom. Help her cuddle her new bundle of joy with a throw blanket she can use while rocking her baby.

As you can see there are tons of options for what to get a new mom for Mother’s Day. Experiencing her first one is a memory that she will always treasure.