Will Smith Gets Fresh, Kim Kardashian FDA Worries & Kristen Stewart’s Smile Therapy

kristen stewarts smile therapy

miley cyrus marie claire 2015 gossipThis week’s celebrity gossip kicks off with Miley Cyrus whining and moaning that the reason she treats her body like a cheap whore is because of her years on Hannah Montana. In a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine, Miley blamed Hannah Montana for leading to the many psychological issues she has. Miley claims that when she was filming Hannah Montana she was pressured to look like a hot blonde when in actuality she was a scared little girl who was made out to look pretty when she wasn’t. Cry me a river, Miley, cry me a river.

When Jennifer Aniston recently married Justin Theroux, Jimmy Kimmel served as the wedding officiant. As a guest at the wedding, Orlando Bloom praised Kimmel for the way he conducted the ceremony and revealed his admiration for Howard Stern, who was also a guest at the wedding.

will smith fresh prince of bel air reboot 2015 gossipWith the recent surge in reboots of TV shows from the 80s and 90s, Will Smith has taken on the task of rebooting Fresh Prince of Bel Air, alongside wife Jada Pinkett. This reboot will join the reboot of other shows like Coach, Full House and the X-Files.

In the world’s weekly dose of Kardashian gossip there is reportedly tension between Lamar Odon and Khloe on the heels of their recent divorce. The rumor is that on an early morning visit to her gym, Khloe came across Lamar, who was waiting there to talk to her. She reportedly refused to speak to him, so he reached out and grabbed her arm, invoking a negative reaction from Khloe. Lamar later on blamed his actions on his difficulty in keeping his composure.

kim kardashian promoting diclegis 2015 gossipIn other Kardashian news the FDA is unhappy with Kim after she went on her Instagram account and posted a picture of a medication she’s been on to treat her morning sickness. She sang the praises of the medication, called Diclegis and said that it has been proven to be safe for unborn babies. The FDA responded by saying that Kim failed to let people know about the risks of taking Diclegis, which caused her to delete the post where she promoted it. This might be one case of overzealousness on the part of the FDA.

As if she is the only person who has ever turned 18, Kylie Jenner, has had yet another party to celebrate this milestone birthday. This time the party was in West Hollywood and most of the younger Kardashians were in attendance. Kylie’s boyfriend gifted her with a Ferrari worth $320,000.

bill joel duagher della rose 2015 gossipBilly Joel became a father for the second time this week when his third wife, Alexis Roderick, gave birth to their daughter, Della Rose. She joins grown big sister, Alexa Ray, whose mother is Christie Brinkley, Billy’s second wife.

kristen stewarts smile therapyKristen Stewart recently shared her secret for getting the paparazzi off her back, during a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She said that the paparazzi hound celebrities who aren’t smiling while in public, so she makes sure to smile all the time. Unfortunately she admitted that this has actually backfired on her and they still surround her whenever she is in public.