‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Titus Andromedon gives perfect Lemonade homage

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back and Titus Andromedon takes on Beyonce's Lemonade that will keep you watching over and over.

unbreakable kimmy schmidt titus andromedon lemonade homage

Tina Fey is back with Season 3 of “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and it’s wonderful to laugh so much you barely have time to breathe between it all. This is easily the best and most even season with some pretty amazing character development.

Season 2 felt a little one-note at times, but this season just crackles with joke after joke that lands like the best “Veep” episodes. You may find yourself having to rewind several times as you’ll be so busy laughing that you miss the next joke or funny moment.

titus lemonade

This show was already pure addiction, and if you are able to not watch the full season in one sitting, that’s pretty amazing as our team was only going to watch the premiere but hours later we were still laughing hard and saying ‘just one more episode,’ until the sad realization that the whole season was over.

The second episode will easily be the most talked about as Titus Andromedon does another music video sequence that rivals his “Peeno Noir” from Season 1. He gives homage to Beyonce‘s Lemonade video which should do her very very proud. It’s pure perfection and ties in perfectly as he’s convinced that his boyfriend Mikey is cheating on him.

titus andromedon vs beyonce with lemonade kimmy schmidt

So, check out the videos (we included the real Beyonce Lemonade for some comparison) of Peeno Noir (one I never tire of watching) and Titus’ Lemonade.

In the premiere episode, Jon Hamm is back, and he steals the show by elevating the amazing writing. He plays his very messed up character to levels that many actors would ruin by trying too hard. When Kimmy stands up to him and uses some of his own disturbing tactics on him, it is priceless. “Are too!” “D2!”

Season 3 tackles many touchy subjects, but unlike previous seasons, it doesn’t hammer them to be shocking but gets to the point with more subtlety. Fey listened to the critics that seemed to get easily offended by the first season taking on politically charged elements. This season, they use more of a kid glove approach without losing the humor or charm of the show.

Thankfully, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” doesn’t go for the most obvious joke every time and that’s what keeps us bingeing it and longing for Season 4 already.