Top Upcoming Romantic Movies 2019 to Watch with Your Girlfriend

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Any new film by Quentin Tarantino is automatically on the list of the most anticipated premieres of the season, so you can’t miss the premiere. The film takes place in the summer of 1969 – a tragedy involving the actress Sharon Tate took place: she fell victim to the maniac Charles Manson. The role of Tate went to Margot Robbie. DiCaprio plays the neighbor of the actress, actor Rick Dalton, who became famous for the series, is now trying to make it on the big screen. Brad Pitt played the role of his backup. This is the first film in which Pitt and DiCaprio took off together. Also, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the first Tarantino film, based on a true story.


Rocketman is among the most awaited biographies of all time which is based on the life of the cult pop-rock musician Elton John. Like the Bohemian Rhapsody (last year), the movie faced some difficulties in production. People have heard about its production way back in 2012. Since then, the project has changed the director and the leading actor several times, until the choice finally fell on Dexter Fletcher and Taron Egerton, respectively. Earlier, their creative tandem already presented to the world an ironic sports drama Eddie the Eagle that received good reviews, which allows us to expect excellent results from this one as well.

Nuestro Tiempo

The poet-cowboy Juan (played by Carlos Reygadas) is in a polyamorous marriage with Esther (Natalia López, the real wife of Reygadas), but soon, this loose relationship cracks apart. This is the most, as it seems, personal drama of the director of Battle in Heaven and Silent Light, Carlos Reygadas, which has been nicknamed as “Mexican Tarkovsky” by his fans. The movie promises to be a very aesthetics-heavy movie, with lots of effects to help a person to immerse themselves in the movie. As for the drama, the movie is 3 hours long, and we are sure that Carlos managed to do a lot in these 180 minutes. The film was actually already released in Mexico, but viewers from the rest of the world have not yet had the opportunity to watch it.


Tessa Young is a young girl, a diligent student from a good family. Nothing bad can be said about her. Hardin Scott is a beautiful rebel. All the women go crazy for him. These two are completely different, but, as you know, opposites attract. They met in college — it was during these years that you need to enjoy youth, freedom, and the opportunity to hang out with other students. At first, Tessa did not want to let Hardin close, but time took its toll. Now she can’t imagine her life without her boyfriend. But does Tessa know his chosen one well enough? Does she know everything there is to know about him? The director of the film was Jenny Gage who previously directed only small indie projects.

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Five Feet Apart

Love is an incredible thing. It can destroy walls, conquer worlds, heal souls. It’s a trip like no other in the world. But Stella will never feel it. Because of her cystic fibrosis, the girl is forbidden to approach other people closer than one and a half meters. The thing is, that way she can infect them with deadly bacteria. Stella would have spent her life all alone if she had not met Will. The guy has the same diagnosis, but he still cannot get used to it. The guy and the girl began to communicate a lot, despite all the restrictions. This is true love, love at a distance of one and a half meters. The director of the film is Justin Baldoni who previously directed 95 episodes of the TV series The Virgin.

The Souvenir

Julie is a film school student, a girl from a privileged class who lives in a bohemian apartment, plans to make a film about the workers, falls in love with a strange guy Anthony from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a manipulator and an aesthete. Anthony takes her to Venice where he invites her to visit the museums to look at the works of old masters, including the Fragonard’s “Souvenir.” This relationship will come to destroy her plans and life in general. What will Julie do?