Top 5 2019 Hottest Holiday Luxury Gift Ideas

If you’re well off in terms of finances, you’re probably willing to go big or go home when it comes to Christmas gifts. Sometimes you want to give someone something nice to tie their entire holiday season together, and the best way to do that can be with something very expensive that they might not have gotten otherwise.

LG 8K tv hottest holiday luxury gifts

TV – 4K or 8K

A nice, big screen TV can be the centerpiece of any modern living room, so it’s expected that you’ll have a nice one. Modern TVs can come with a ton of built-in features, allowing you to stream your favorite movies and TV shows with just your TV alone. A large, high-resolution TV can be rather expensive, but if you’re willing to pay for it, it’ll certainly make someone’s holiday. You can find an amazing assortment of amazing deals on our 2019 Home Theater Gift catalog.

One of our biggest recommendations for those still coming over to 4K is the LG 86UM8070PUA 86” Ultra HD Smart LED TV as LG is the top of the pack when it comes to amazing picture quality. Sony and Samsung come behind it, but if you’re looking for pure luxury in picture and audio, this is the one you want. If “86 s too big, then you can go for the 65” inch version.

Now for those early adopters, 8K image quality will blow your mind when you see it.

Currently, Samsung is the first out of the gate with 8K, but LG will be coming out with their 88” version which comes with an absolutely beautiful stand. There may now be any 8K content out yet, but this tv will upscale 4K and HD content to higher levels like good 4K tvs do.

peloton treadmill woman working out hottest holiday gym gifts 2019

Home Gym Equipment

Another high-end Christmas gift to consider is a piece of top of the line home gym equipment. These pieces can often cost well over $1,000, meaning the average person can’t really afford them. If you’re still on the fence about a Peloton, here is an amazing array of different priced machines that will keep you fit no matter what season it is.

However, if someone is looking into creating a home gym, a good multi-purpose piece of gym equipment can go a long way in helping them toward their goal of achieving better physical health. Octane makes a great recumbent elliptical for those needing one for physical therapy with no resistance.

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Shark IQ R1001AE 2019 hottest holiday robot vacuum cleaner gifts

Clean Up On Aisle 4

In recent years, automatic machines that eliminate chores have become increasingly popular. Things like robotic vacuums are a high-end way of keeping a space clean and reducing the amount of work that someone must do. The Roomba and Shark IQ will even empty themselves out for you so you don’t have to touch them only once a month.

The cost of them often drives people away, but with that high price tag comes a lot of functionality, so it makes a nice gift if you have a bigger budget. They will automatically patrol your floor, quietly cleaning anything up that they need to, all while detecting their surroundings and not bumping into everything.

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La Mer moisturizing cream hottest luxury beauty gift ideas


A more conventional luxury Christmas gift is something in the luxury beauty niche. You can choose a high-quality perfume or cologne for men or a nice beauty palette. Smelling and looking nice are important parts of any first interaction or social function, and by using a better-quality product, such as a more expensive fragrance or highly pigmented eyeshadow, you’re ensuring that you won’t mess that up.

One product that has a cult following is La Mer moisturizing cream that has over 60K hearts at Sephora and will make you a true superstar this holiday season.

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apple watch 5 2019 hottest holiday luxury gift ideas

Watch Out

Finally, one of the best luxury gifts you can give is a high-quality watch. A watch is a core part of a man’s attire, especially when dressing for formal events. By purchasing from a recognizable brand, such as Rolex, you’re showing that you have fantastic taste.

The Apple Watch is still a hot item for those friends always on their iPhone. With this watch, they can have all of their notifications, texts, and music at their fingertips, and the Apple Watch Series 5 is our favorite this season.

Buying a cheap knockoff might look fine at a glance or from a distance, but up close, people would be able to tell the difference. There are luxury watches and other jewelry pieces for both men and women that you can choose from.

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