The Most Perfect Ways To Party In The 2019 Preakness Stakes

most perfect ways to party in the 209 preakness racing horses images

Summer is right around the corner and most of us are already planning to get the best summer getaway experience. While others wanted to go to the beach, going out of town, going camping or hiking, some people wanted a real adventure to begin with. If you want a real escapade and an alternative way to saddle up your summer experience, then head to one of the most popular horse racing this year which is Preakness Stakes will surely take your summer experience to a whole new level.

Happening this May 2019, the latest edition of Preakness Stakes will surely take your breath away as it showcases different kinds of festive events. From balloon festivals, fashions shows, and crab races, the Preakness Stakes 2019 will not fail you in giving a great show of the world’s most competitive three-year-old thoroughbred horse racers.

Now as you go along and plan to pack your bags and experience an action-packed show in the upcoming Preakness, let’s take a look at to some things you have to expect as the second leg of the Triple Crown series about to unfold very soon.

Pimlico, Baltimore Spring Fashion Show

The Spring Fashion Show that will be held in Pimlico during the Preakness Stakes 2019 is a showcase of women who partake the horse racing industry. During the fashion show, you will experience a venue full of shops, ongoing races, and lunch buffet. Also, some proceeds of the show will go to a nonprofit organization namely The Foxie G which rescues abandoned horses and cats.

Old Hilltop Sunrise Tours

One of the most jaw-dropping scenic view you can experience during Preakness in the Hilltop Sunrise Tours. Once you take the tour, you’ll be able to see the horses, jockeys, trainers, and owners heading to train their entries for the Preakness race.

The Alibi Breakfast

It’s the Preakness pre-breakfast event held before the Preakness race starts. If you haven’t seen the trainers, jockeys, and owners during the Hilltop Sunrise Tours, you will have the chance to meet them again in the Alibi Breakfast.

Budweiser Infield Party

It’s a party where you can feel the excitement of the horse racing show as the DJ’s on their mix while toasting a drink. You’ll have the chance to dance and party with a lot of horse racing fans during the event showing your full swag and groove on the race track.

The Preakness Title

As a horse racing fan, the best way to celebrate and enjoy Preakness is to show off the best outfit you kept in your closet for a long time. Wear the fanciest rodeo hat you have and those horse racing inspired outfits. It’s a contest you can partake and you might have the chance to earn the title of Preakness Stakes 2019.

The Triple Crown Cocktail Hour

It’s a showcase of the Preakness most relish cocktails inspired by the Triple Crown series. You can enjoy touring to the distillery display with experts crafting the most delicious and mouth-watering cocktail mixes.

Mt. Washington’s Tavern’s Preakness Party

It’s a neighborhood of Pimlico, Baltimore that commemorates the annual celebration of Preakness Party. The same thing you expect as to what Preakness looks like, you will be able to experience a full cocktail party hosted by a Kentucky non-profit organization. Truly, this is a pre-Preakness experience you can join before heading to the racing day.

Along with the mixed cocktails you can enjoy during this party, you can also try their snack platters and specialty drinks serve for everyone. There is also a booth where you have the chance to buy inexpensive souvenirs like rodeo hats, outfits, and Preakness accessories.

The 2019 Preakness Stakes Party

This is the most exciting part of the Preakness 2019. You will be able to experience a full party with a mix of exclusive drinks being served to all. You can taste the variety of foods that only Preakness can serve. There are programs where you can join like fashion shows, slot games, and so on. The event throws out big prizes which you might earn.

At the same time, the 2019 Preakness Party also is a fundraising event and proceeds support the programs held by local youth in Baltimore. Surely, the Preakness 2019 party is a combination of entertainment and charity.

Preakness balloon festival 2019 hot air balloons

The Preakness Balloon Festival

It’s also a sought after the event that happens in the annual celebration of Preakness. The festival showcases a total of twenty-five hot air balloons filled with wine garden and beer. During the show, you will be able to see the county’s finest local foods, vendors, kid zone, and live music which composes the whole event.

The Preakness Sunset Derby Party

It’s a celebration of live horse betting. You will also see an exclusive DJ ’s hanging and banging to their loudest music.  Lounge bars, specialty drinks, and buffets are also available during the sunset derby party.